Example of pro-union priest ridicule

Fr. Alexey Chumakov [RocorMP Holy Protection, Hollywood CA] shows his true character belittling a forum member for his dismay over the RocorMP's instant-ecumenism at the May 17 signing.  

Other Jurisdictions Present at MP/ROCOR May 17

Fri May 18, 2007
michael nikitin
Congratulations to ROCOR(L) who did not waste time in
concelebrating with those in World Orthodoxy.
Who said it wouldn't happen?
Michael N

Sat May 19, 2007
"Fr. Alexey Chumakov"
An what exactly is the problem, in concelebrating with other
Orthodox? The porblem, dearest Michael, is in your head. I hav eno
idea who and when said that it would not happen, but I am pretty
satisfied that it did.
Glory be to God.

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