Jordanville's new propaganda quarterly

OBL News report 30/4/2010

The first issue of a new quarterly journal, Troitskoe Nasledie [Legacy of Holy Trinity], published by Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, has been published.

This Russian-language periodical is put forth through the efforts of the Seminary faculty and is a continuation of the Listok Svyato-Troitskoy seminarii [Bulletin of Holy Trinity Seminary], founded in 1997. The journal consists of 80 color pages.

The first issue is devoted to the memory of Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko), Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery and founder of Holy Trinity Seminary. The 50th anniversary of his death was celebrated this year.

“To preserve and multiply, that is what each person who is entrusted with this treasured legacy is called upon to do,” states the announcement on the official website of Holy Trinity Seminary. “We cannot remain silent about the legacy left to us by the fathers of Holy Trinity Monastery, Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko), Archbishop Averky (Taushev), Metropolitan Laurus (Shkurla), Archimandrites Panteleimon, Joesph, Konstantin, Vladimir, Anthony and Kiprian, and the Seminary’s teachers: ND Talberg, IM Andreevsky, EE Alferiev and many others… We must remember this and upon this we must build the future of the Russian diaspora… The aim of our magazine is to resurrect the memory of the spiritual podvig of our predecessors and inspire the continuation of the noble work amid our compatriots who are far from their Homeland…”

The journal will publish new archival material of the Russian diaspora, a portion of which is found at Holy Trinity Seminary. Another goal will be to re establish and strengthen bonds with the Mother Church in the Fatherland.


Reader Daniel said...

"Another goal.... (not really THE only goal?) will be to re-establish and strengthen (read, stir up/excite loyalty and obedience among those of even the slightest-'Russian' roots/self-identity, around the world, to the Putin-Russian Federation gangster KGB run Government thru it's subservient Sergianist MP 'church'!)....with the Mother Church in the Fatherland".
Well, well! we finally see more public connecting of the newly captured ROCOR-MP, with the real reasons for that foul 'union', i.e. so that it be the obedient tool of Kremlin world-wide subversion and espionage, under the disguise of spreading Russian culture/religion, etc.
And, what about calling AMERICA, our Fatherland...or our Motherland???
ROCOR-MP is thus, making American citizens, useful tools of a foreign enemy power.
Because, Russia is today, STILL our international mortal enemy, and wishes for America's destruction.
Jesus said, 'But, My kingdom is not of this world!'
He did not teach, that to be saved, we all must become, 'Russians', under any Russian government, past or present.
And, since when does, Russianism...SAVE anyone???
This is racist/phletism of the lowest order, and all at the service of a Godless neo-soviet HANG-OVER regime, that is still ruling and ruining Russia and it's people.
Just my views-
Reader Daniel Everiss

Unprofitable Servant said...

Well, frankly, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry about this. One thing seems obvious; the comrades (compatriots) who have recently taken over Jordanville are certainly making no secret of their Soviet origins!

What a statement:

"The aim of our magazine is to resurrect the memory of the spiritual podvig of our predecessors and inspire the continuation of the noble work amid our compatriots who are far from their Homeland…"

..and all these years I thought that Jordanville--the longstanding refuge of the Russian Orthodox Church from the atheistic Soviet state-- was located here in America!

Reader Daniel said...

A few added remarks: We have to translate: when these ROCOR-MP unionist folks speak of, 'Russia' or 'The Russian Fatherland' ('Motherland', alternately)', they really mean, stiring up loyalty/enthusiasm for the current government, of The Russian Federation, i.e. V. Putin and gang. Thus, 'Russian culture' in their lexicon really means, the current neo-soviet KGB ruled Russia, & their corrupted VERSION of age-old genuine Russian culture(of which culture those Kremlin oligarky folks, hate and despise!).
Also, 'homeland' is an interesting word, in our Orthodox lexicon.
'Grant me, O Lord, the homeland of my hearts' desiring, making me again, a citizen of PARADISE!' from our funeral and pannychida hymns.
Friends! as Orthodox Christians, we are to set our course for that heavenly homeland, Christ's immortal kingdom (not of this earth), not on any earthly country.

Reader Daniel said...

"Phelitism", which has been long ago & frequently condemned by the Orthodox Church, as a pernicious heresy,(& originally aimed at mainly Greek-phelitism) is given the modern dictionary definition of: 'our tribe' or 'our tribe first'. How odd it is that the neo-soviet regime now running Russia and it's captive state church, it's MP, are actually promoting this racist heresy, under the guise of...ministering spiritually/culturally to dispersed Russians,. in order to re-connect them to their Fatherland, etc. via, 'Russianism'.
Of course, this is rubbish!
They want these 'Russians' abroad, (many of whom are completely immersed in the native cultures of the countries where they were born and raised) to
'spiritually' become fifth columnists and foreign agents for their KGB run government, if not at least, sympathizers FOR Putin, and anti-sympathetic towards America...where 'Russian-Americans' actually live and where many were born & raised.
I have seen and heard of this antipathy against America in OCA circles, which church bowed to Moscow in 1970, and which NEVER criticises ANYTHING in Russia. Now, ROCOR-MP, also only praises Putin and his 'Patriarch', and only criticises anti-MP Orthodox believers, in Russia and outside of Russia, where they are presently stealing our churches, through legal suits and by Putin's officials twisting the arms of the national officials in the various countries, (such as in South America at this moment). These people, (who reside here) are simply traitors/enemies to this country, and they should be stripped of their citizenship & forcibly deported at boyonet point, en masse, and their churches, seized and given to anti-MP Orthodox here.

unworthy Nelly said...

1.The nationalistic heresy is called "phyletism", not "phelitism".
2. Please try to distinguish between "its" and "it´s" (= it is).

unworthy Nelly