ROCA Convent Church Consecrated in Ukraine

  ROCA News!/ New Convent Church, of Our Lady's Nativity, Consecrated in Yehorivka, Ukraine-

4/18/2010, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, with our Bishop George of Bolgorod and with many priests and other clergy, with the sisterhood, and many laity, consecrated the finished BEAUTIFUL new church of Our Lady's Nativity, in the Womens' Monastery of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, near Yehorivka, Odessa region, Ukraine.  The festive dinner, included over 70 participants.
There are several photos here.

under date: "18/4/2010".......on the front page of our official ROCA church website.......
MNOGAYA LETA!  MANY YEARS! to Mother Abbess Alexandra and her dear sisters and their helpers!....and to all who helped to make this new church possible!

Note: This is the monastic sisterhood, which was originally in Ishim, Siberia, but when the betrayal was underway, they fled for refuge to Odessa, to be under the protection of the sole ROCOR bishop (Met. Agafangel), to reject that false, 'union'.

Here are photos, of the entire history of the building of this convent church, with consecration photos..........


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