A Note From Reader Roman

written to Reader Daniel and shared here:

Tchtets Daniil!

I've been busy through the last days, so I couldn't properly reply to your message.

Firstly, I would say what a blessed and nice life you have there in the wilderness!!! It's exactly what I'm looking for! Rural area, no city, no noisy... I live in Brazil, Sao Paulo, a huge megalopolis with over 17 million inhabitants... the traffic is absolutely crazy and insane (and it makes us alike as well!!)

I've noticed when reading this blog that some points should be clarified, so that justice be upon those who actually deserve it.   It must be aknowledged that I have not taken any pictures nor have I filmed any services at the Dormition Cathedral in Sofia, since I have not been there for Pascha!!   Actually all the pictures and videos are hosted at a profile owned by a member of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria and were taken/filmed by them!!!   One may check it out in their's official website here: http://bulgarian-orthodox-church.org/news.htm   So I must have NO credit, whether for those videos or those pictures, useless I am.

About my name, my Orthodox name with which I was christened is Roman (in honor of St. Roman, the Sweet-singer). My civil name is Gustavo Yonemura Ramirez (half Japanese, half Spanish-Argentinian) ;-)

Asking for your prayers, I joyfully greet you

Your useless servant,
Roman, The Sinner

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