The Miraculous Escape

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The Miraculous Escape 
by Cornelia Balmez 

Being a young family with two small children, we had a pretty rough time trying to survive during the communist rule in Romania. It was the year 1989 when my mom, one brother and two sisters crossed the Romanian border into Yugoslavia, illegally. They were watching, listening and praying, while they waited for the right moment to flee the country that had caused them so much 
hardship. A few other people (with two small children) had joined their little band of run-a-ways, and they had a worse time of it, being they had to keep the children quiet. Many times they were almost caught. 

The border was a strip of plowed land, maybe four meters wide, separating Romania and Yugoslavia. They kept it disked very well, so that they could see the footprints if anyone escaped. Soldiers walked back and forth by the border with their big dogs and watched for any sign 
of refugees. 

Since I was living in a different village than the rest of my family, I didn’t get to see them too often. One day, one of my sisters who was still at home, called me to let me know that some of my family escaped to Yugoslavia. I was very shocked and it was hard for me to accept this. After a few weeks, we got some more news...  One of my brothers had also fled and had safely reached the others. A short while later, my father and two youngest sisters sneaked over too. I tell you that was a blessed year for my family, for they could finally escape the dreaded communists. 

There were five brothers and nine sisters in our family, a few of which were married and had families of their own. Two of my brothers had escaped some time before to Australia, in similar situations. Someday, I’d like to write a book on each of our dangerous and yet exciting experiences in more detail. 

One day, my mom called and told me that another sister had reached safety. I told her that I didn’t believe it, for I’d seen her just the other day. “Well, if you don’t believe it, here she is!” My mind was trying to soak it all in as I heard her voice at the other end of the line. “Who will be next?” I wondered. I still had one brother and three sisters at home, one of which was married and had two little girls. Before many days had passed, some more news reached the little village, but we weren’t 
there to hear it. For by God’s grace and help, we were the escapers. 

 One day,  
one of my sisters 
   who was still at home, called 
me to let me know that 
some of my family 
       escaped to Yugoslavia.          

We earnestly prayed to God for special help and guidance, which He freely gave us. The night prior to our departure we had a dream of the exact place where we were supposed to go, which God had planned before hand to lead us to. My husband, Strain, and I, along with children; Emanuela (5) and Emanuel (4), were led safely to the motel where my family was. My two youngest sisters were playing with some other children outside when they caught sight of us approaching. They ran inside to tell my parents. Since we hadn’t told a single person of our plans, they had a big surprise to see us there. 

The next day, Strain had to go to jail for four weeks for crossing the Yugoslavian border. Those weeks were very, very stressful ones for us. Many other Romanians escaped during that time but 75-80 percent were sent back. They could accept only a limited number of refugees whom they sent to other countries. It was so sad to see the people that were sent back! When the bus or truck came to take them back, the ones whose names were called started to cry and tremble. It was just too sad to think about, for everyone knew what awaited them: Romanian prison, beatings without mercy, and torture. Many of the ones who returned got beat very badly and it was not a rare thing for them to die due to it. The soldiers were trained to beat them in such a way, so that the victims would either die or be injured for the rest of their life. The government considered the people who wanted or tried to leave the country, very dangerous enemies, so they thought they were giving them what they deserved. 

The four weeks being passed, Strain was released from prison and by God’s grace we were accepted. While so many others’ hearts were broken, we were over flowing with joy and happiness for we had a bright future ahead of us. Thank God for His abundant mercy! 

After this, we had an interview with an American consultant. They accepted us, so we started the paperwork to come to the U.S. It was just like a dream too good to be true. 

After six months of waiting for our paper work to go through and preparations to be made, we arrived in Los Angeles. We found my family who arrived one or two months before. We were so relieved and happy to have a country of freedom. Thanks be to our God and Father who protected and helped us in such a miraculous way! 

God bless each one who reads this, and may your faith be strengthened in the Lord Jesus Christ! He is God, and still performs miracles even today. Blessed be His name! 

Maybe this short account was not very interesting for you, but for us who lived those moments, we will never forget “The Miraculous Escape”.

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