Regarding the Difference Between 
the 0fficial New Calendar State-Greek Church 
and the 0fficial-Kremlin Controlled 
Sergianist -Russian Pseudo-Church [MP]
Regarding the Use of Clerical Titles with Apostates

There are a number of parallels, but also important differences in the situations of the so-called 'dissident' or True-Orthodox churches, the Greek Old Calendarist and the anti-MP Russian churches, regarding their relationships with their respective 'state churches'.

For one point, you and I and other ROCOR refugees from that 'union' with the MP, are not 'extremist traditionalists', as some might label us. That label, no doubt DOES fit many of the ever-warring Greek Old Calendarists, who are mostly constantly anathematizing each other, in addition to condemning worldly-Orthodoxy in general. Thus, we, coming from the Russian-diaspora have the right and the duty, to speak simply, the truth, about our RUSSIAN! church orbit, in which the MP has never been our 'Mother Church'. The MP is not a valid real Orthodox patriarchate or THE Russian Church!!! And, it is not the continuation of Holy Confessor Patriarch Tikhon (Belavin's) Patriarcate!

It's current 'clergy' are thus bogus/pretend clergy. They have no right to steal/ursurp Orthodox clerical titles, nor to OUR calling them by such titles. The MP is outside of The Universal Orthodox Church.

But, with all Greek Old Calendarists, the New Calendar State Church of Greece, is (or WAS), their Mother Church! Such could also be said about the state churches of Bulgaria and Romania, I suppose-(?)

That national Greek church, formed after the Greek Revolution from the Turks, was originally, a fully/genuine local Orthodox church body. The communists did not create it, as they did with their Moscow Patriarchy which is a creation of Joseph Stalin in 1943.

The official stance of the Synod In Resistance, about their Mother Greek-State Church is: That state church, has fallen into SOME heresy,....from which, it MIGHT in the future recover, etc., etc., etc., but that it still does have 'grace'. (i.e. the so-called 'Resistance' or as their critics label them, their 'Cyprianite Ecclesiology').  That stance, has zero to do with our diaspora-Russian ROCA's position, regarding the KGB run, Moscow Patriarchy.

WE, therefore, who are in ROCA, CANNOT take such a kindly view of the MP and it's minions, as CAN SIR towards their State Greek Church. Nor can we, reverently call the MP clergy, by honorable Orthodox titles.

These are our Russian realities with the MP. Our brothers in the Synod In Resistance, have a different relationship, regarding this issue.

Just my personal observations.......

Reader Daniel Everiss

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