Vladyka Agafangel's Life Is In Danger

From March 27, V. Agafangel's blog:
Here's a translated version:
Our Future.  Page 51
I am forced to report that an obvious surveillance operation has begun against me. When I come home, there is a group of “kids” waiting, who enter the building with me and “make believe” they are going to the second floor, while one of them gets in the elevator with me.  The children are from the 7-10 grades and appear disadvantaged. They seem to be carrying out some apparent assignment.  I have received information that they are indeed targeting me. 
As a result, I am also forced to announce that if I am “accidentally” killed, the only person out of all the people in the world that I believe is interested in having me disappear, would be MP Patriarch Kirill (Gundayev).  Therefore, if I happen to die, direct all questions about my demise to him.  It is very unfortunate that I am writing this in all seriousness.
Thank you D.G. for this translation

Something We Can Do

From Fr. Gregory:

Blessings!  Not much in my nature to engage in letter-writing campaigns, but it seems this is a situation which warrants it.  I received a draft of a letter of appeal from John & Nadya Herbst (he was once ambassador to Ukraine & continues to serve in the State Department).  I have edited it somewhat to my taste (and would encourage you to do likewise).  Similar letters might also be sent to your congressman and senators (addresses easily uncovered at http://www.contactingthecongress.org/).  I rather suspect that postal mail, though slower and a little more expensive, may get better attention than e-mail.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
2201 C St, NW
Washington DC 20520

Peace, in the name of the Lord!

We belong to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (also known as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia), a church incorporated in New York and guided by Metropolitan Agafangel, who divides his time between New York and Odessa, Ukraine.  We are writing you because we believe that Metropolitan Agafangel is in imminent danger in Ukraine.  In recent  weeks, his movements in Odessa have been shadowed by groups of young men.   They wait for him at his residence. When the Metropolitan arrives, they follow him inside his building, get off on the second floor, and then one of them remains in the elevator and accompanies him to his apartment.  Their manner is threatening.
Metropolitan Agafangel believes that this campaign of harassment and threats is being instigated by the Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate because of its displeasure with his opposition to the union three years ago between that church and a part of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.  Since that union, the Russian Orthodox Church- Moscow Patriarchate has waged a propaganda campaign against Metropolitan Agafangel and our church, but this recent turn of events is far more sinister.  The recent election of Victor Yanukovych as President of Ukraine, who is perceived to be friendly to Russia, may have emboldened the Moscow Patriarchate to take more aggressive measures against Metropolitan Agafangel. 
Whatever prompted the appearance of these thugs, we are asking for your help.  We request that the State Department contact the government of Ukraine, insisting that it assure the safety of Metropolitan Agafangel.  We are appealing to you because respect for human rights and the rule of law, including freedom of religion, is not what it should be in Ukraine.  Please help us.  
May the Lord bless and preserve you!

Timeliness is of course important!


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Today's the Prokimenon in the 3rd Tone: The Lord is my light and my savior; whom then shall I fear?

A couple of points that are in the comments on Vl. Agafangel's blog - first that Vladyka must take due precautions. And we are reminded that St. John S&SS had his life threatened, even though at the time the propaganda line was that there was no persecution of the Church in Russia.
0ne comment said we are back in Soviet times. But actually we never really left.

That we are still in these times of persecution is the 2nd point of this post. The 1st point is that we pray for our beloved hero and hierarch - the only R0C0R bishop who did not bow to the union and who shepherds us through this terrible shipwreck.

I heard someone say that it is time to go forward and not dwell any more on the reasons for refusing to go along with the union.
Fine to go forward, but at the same time we need to keep an eye on the rear view mirror.
Also, and this is another subject, there are still those stuck in R0C0RMP who are suffering. We must not go so forward so fast that we forget them.

Reader Daniel said...

This 'google-babel fish' combo, seems to get the essence of the story. I have just been reading the 40 comments/with Met. Agafangel's responces, on his blog.
He is seriously concerned, and it is not at all clear that he has people who will stay physically around him, to protect him. He lives in a public apartment building,(where he also takes care of his elderly ailing mother).
He clearly is a man of low income. Since we know that the enemies of our church, are not affraid of assasinations or disappearances, there is real reason to be concerned and to take action NOW.
Also, commentors are suggesting to
Vladyka, that there could be some plot to accuse him, of 'pediophilia', because of young
boys, hanging around him, etc. This is an old communist trick, to defame and to get removed, Orthodox clergy which they want to be rid of. I think that he is not affraid of his own possible soon death, but of his many burdens to the church and his mother, etc., which will not be tended to, if he is gone, etc.

Reader Daniel said...

Perhaps it may be time for Vladyka Agafangel to relocate to America?
If his Odessa flock will not, or cannot protect his person, then we in America must, and can.
Just my thoughts.......
Reader Daniel Everiss

Joanna Higginbotham said...

I've heard that snail mail gets better attention than emails.