MP Uniting With Rome

We are hearing more than ever that MP unity with Rome is imminent.   MP is pushing harder than ever, so maybe we will see it soon.  Maybe it will be finalized at the coming farce "œcumenical" council, which will pretend to have the spiritual authority over the matter.  And we can guess that they will promote it as a "glorious reunion" stirring up much emotion and sentiment.

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Go to Thursday March 4, 4:06am, Gundyaev and Aleev,  and see what can be gleaned through the mechanical translation.  It is an interview with Mikhail Nazarov on the subject of MP unity with Rome.  He seems to be saying that the time is at hand.  And it sounds like he is saying that unity was already decreed back in December of 1969.  He explains that until now MP has had to hold back on implementing the decree, but that it never was rescinded.

It turns out this is true.  In the May 1970 issue of 0rthodox Life there is an article titled:


Here are some excerpts from this 4-page resolution:

... The aforementioned decision of the Moscow Synod is clearly based not on canons, but on other considerations ... which must inevitably depend upon the will of the government and the communist party...

...Nevertheless, leaving aside the true motives which may have prompted the decision of the MP, the necessity of a canonical appraisal remains.

First of all, one must note that the present MP is not the authentic representative of the Church of Russia ... therefore its decision will not be binding on the Church of Russia in the future  when the Lord will deem fit to grant her freedom...

...Here it is not a question of Uniates who regard themselves essentially 0rthodox who wish to return to the fold of the 0rthodox Church, but of Roman Catholics who maintain the errors of their confession...

...the decision of the Moscow Synod represents a betrayal of 0rthodoxy...

...The Synod of Bishops rule:

1.  ...By its action [MP] does not sanctify [those] to whom it offers the sacraments, but it itself becomes part of their heresy...
2.  To warn rectors to be on the alert so as not to give communion to Roman Catholics who might attempt to receive it, being misled by wrong information in the press.
3.  To send a copy of this decision to the Heads of the Autocephalous Churches ... and to publish it in the press for the guidance of the flock.

It is revealing that both the old MP and the new MP have the same goal and push for the same goal of uniting with the Romans.

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