Dispelling a Rumor

In a letter to Archbishop Chrysostoms in Etna, Archimandrite Alexis of St. Edward's in England asks for help in dispelling a rumor that his monastery left the R0C0R-MP because of mistreatment by Archbishop Mark Arndt.  At the same time and in the same letter, Archimandrite Alexis admits that he is not certain that the union is wrong.
"... So it was NOT, emphatically NOT, because of Archbishop Mark or his treatment of us that we left ROCOR - it was because the Assembly of the Bishops of ROCOR changed their long held confessional stance, and submitted to the Moscow Patriarchate, and thus became, as events since have sadly  clearly shown, part of "World Orthodoxy."  That was the sole reason for our leaving, and any one who suggests otherwise dishonours our good intentions.  We may prove to have been wrong, but I believe that people should respect our integrity and not try to present our motives as something dishonourable..."  


Joanna Higginbotham said...

That AA reveals he is not certain about the union, is not the only thing I find unsettling in this letter.

The defense of Mark Arndt is overdone, it reminds me of the overdone affection shown for Hilarion Kapral reported recently in The Shepherd {Jan. issue?]

The understanding and love shown to Mark Arndt is not extended equally to the clergyman. Mark Arndt's behavior and betrayal to the Church in an official capacity, is generously excused and overlooked. While the clergyman, who says something negative about MA in a simple social situation, is condemned as being "unchristian."

The purpose of this letter is not clear. 0n the surface it looks like the purpose is to dispel a rumor. But reading it seems like there is another purpose which is to release Mark Arndt from all wrong-doing, to arouse sympathy for him, and to inject fear of criticizing his evil deeds lest we be "unchristian."

Reader Daniel said...

Yes, I too am growing in my unpleasant dismay, at such words from this Archimandrite Alexis in England, and also from SIR Archb. Chrysostomos.
Whose side are they on?
Frasnkly, one cannot tell by such advice from their pens or mouths.
It almost seems, as if they were trying to keep all their options open, in case, they have to make peace with these apostates-?...and perhaps even join them-?
To me, they go way beyond, 'a civil discourse'
Why don't they criticize our foes, and not our people?
I am personally deeply deeply deeply offended by such words of praise and defence for such traitors to our Faith.
Didn't a saint slap Arius in the face?
And, why should we continue to call these betrayers, with their (previous) clerical titles of honour?
We should not!

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Yes - it was St. Nicholas at the Council of Nicea and I L0VE him for it! Apparently so did the Theotokos and Her Son Who both appeared to St. Nicholas in jail to comfort him when he was being punished for slapping Arius. And They secured the saint's release from prison and restored his episcopal rank.
St. Nicholas is my kind of hero - he knows the truth [not wishy washy about it] and he defends it.
I love you, St.Nicholas!