Circulating via email among us in ROCA-A is an article from the latest issue of Vernost titled:    Assault On The Faithful Clergy of the Historical ROCA

This article is not appropriate for us, it has an innate bias against us.  Much of what the author states is correct about the church betrayal and what is wrong with the MP, etc., yet this author is not a true friend of our church. 

The article demeans us by the assumption that all the R-splits are valid ROCOR jurisdictions, and that ROCA-A is just another equal with them.   Just because a "jurisdiction" has members that used to be in ROCOR, that does not mean it is a valid ROCOR.  There can only be one valid continuation of ROCOR.  And there is only one that is recognized by the Sister Churches.

Also this article upholds certain trouble makers who have tried to cause schism within our ROCA-A, who have been our false friends and wish us ill.   There is some misconstruing of people and facts.  And it puts forth a distortion that some accusations against our detractors have been fabricated by Moscow, as if all of us "fragments" have only one common enemy, the MP.

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