Two Opposing Kingdoms Against R-Split Unity

There are two opposing kingdoms which are both against unity of the R-splits.  One is against false unity.  The other is against true unity.

1.  The first kingdom is true-in-heart ROCOR Christians who have the sole aim of protecting ROCOR's canonicity and original spirit.  We know that a false unity is the most destructive division.  We will not be tempted to unite on grounds of what we do share with the fragments, until what we can not share is resolved.

2.  The second kingdom is the KGB infiltrators who have the aim to destroy ROCOR.  They can cause damage by two ways.  [A] by creating and maintaining division within and among the R-splits.  [B] by causing uncanonical unions.  They use both tactics at the same time.

[A]  One way they create a division is to have one or more of their pseudo-bishops stomp off, often in a huff; and either start their own jurisdiction or join one of their comrades who has a pseudo-jurisdiction started already.  One way they maintain a division is by clinging to some excuse for their isolation -  the popular excuse for separation from our ROCA is so-called "cyprianism" which they refuse to even try to understand.

[B]  If an invalid jurisdiction can get a valid jurisdiction to be in communion with it, then the valid jurisdiction is compromised and the invalid jurisdiction gets some recognition.  Notice how the RTOC hierarchy attempted communion with the SIR and GOC, but failed because it is unwilling to correct its false episcopate. 

The devil tries to blur the line between these two opposing kingdoms, to pit one against the other for his evil purposes.   We don't want to mistake a false unity for the true.  We expect the KGB infiltrators to make all kinds of false accusations and use all kinds of twisted logics.  But we, under Vl. Agafangel  [the only valid continuation of the Rocor], with the true aim in our hearts need to look with our inner eye and not get lost in the smoke.  Now might not even be the time for unity.  One of our Church Prophets has said that our unity will be by God's miracle:

In February 1917 St Anatolius the Younger of Optina made this prophecy: ‘There will be a storm. And the Russian ship will be smashed to pieces. But people can be saved even on splinters and fragments. And not all will perish. We must pray, everybody must repent and pray with fervour. And what happens after a storm? ... There will be a calm ... A great miracle of God will be revealed. And by the will of God and His power, all the splinters and fragments will come together and be united, and the ship will be rebuilt in its beauty and will go on its own way, as foreordained by God. And this will be a miracle clear to all ...' (Orthodox Russia, 1970, No. 1, p. 9).

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