Prayer to St. Philaret


 O our Saintly father Philaret, God chosen confessor of recent times,
 true Orthodox hierarch, guide, upholder and dependable intercessor
 before God for all true Orthodox faithful, standing and praying for
 them before God’s altar: implore our ever benevolent God to forgive us
 our sins and wash them away through our repentance. Through your
 prayers, save us from calumny of the godless and endow us with a fear
 of God, so that we may remain faithful children of Christ’s True Church
 to the end. Strengthen us in the confession of our Faith, so that we
 will not be frightened of persecution or suffering, and should we
 suffer for our Orthodox Faith, grant us strength not to reject Christ
 and not to accept the mark of the accursed antichrist.

 In not hiding your labours and enduring extreme conditions for the sake
 of True Orthodoxy, we extol and propagate your good works:

 Glorifying the Royal Martyrs and the new Russian Confessors of
 Orthodoxy; for giving all true Orthodox Christians a true Apostolic
 succession; for anathematizing ecumenism that is the heresy of all
 heresies, and maintaining the rightness of authority through the
 unwavering truth of Christ’s words.

 We lay before you our prayer for your help, blessing and intercession,
 and at all times beseech your prayers for us.

 Do not cease to utter prayers to the Lover of Man God for the small
 flock of true Orthodox Christians, and may He grant peace to his
 Church, and may He deliver Her from heresies and schisms. May He also
 deliver us from the darkness of sin and lusts, from the clandestine
 snares of the sly antichrist, and may we remain steadfast unto death in
 confessing our holy Orthodoxy, so that in the end we may without
 condemnation receive Communion of the Lord’s Holy Flesh and Blood from
 true clergy. And at the close of our lives, may we secure mercy and
 clemency from the Lord, Who created us and gave us life and made us
 what we are, and to Whom is due every glory, praise, honour and
 adoration, with the eternal Father and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and
 to the ages of ages. Amen.

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