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Subject: Re: The Russian Federation (Putin) and the Moscow Patriarchy (Patriarch Kirill Gundiaev)
On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 11:32 PM, kotchoubey <> wrote:
Very interesting article on how Putin's Government having adopted Russian Orthodoxy to replace communism as a ideology is pursuing an aggressive policy in France to neutralize the Russian Orthodox Jurisdiction under Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the only Russian Church which has still not succumbed to the MP (Moscow Patriarchy) which took over the Russian Church Abroad on May 17, 2007.
The Russian Federation is aggressively pursuing the ownership of Church Real Estate in France and Western Europe as well as in the Holy Land and then turning them over to the MP.
Having failed to win them over (I believe that in the early 1990's they sued to gain control of the St. Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral on rue Daru and lost the law suite because the Cathedral  was built in 1864 on private contributions and not on Russian Imperial Government funds.   They now are planning to give a coup de grace to the French Jurisdiction (ex Metropolitan Evlogii) Cathedral on rue Daru and to the St Serge Seminary  by building a new MP Cathedral and Seminary. 


Reader Daniel said...

For some reason, this machine translation link does not work.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Thank you, Daniel, I think I've fixed it. I'm not sure what was wrong before...

Reader Daniel said...

WOW! Even reading this stunning article in this crude machine translation, this is a powerful further exposing of the true relationship of the Kremlin and it's 'church', it's political/military/propaganda/'missionary' tool,the MP.
Day by day, for those of us who want to perceive the truth of these matters,(not for those with blinders on their eyes), more and more public facts come out. I wish someone who is bi-lingual, would put this into good English. And this is the 'Russian Mother Church', of the 'Now Free Russia', that Laurus Skurla and gang, submitted our formerly free and noble, Church Abroad to!
Shame on Larus Skurla's memory! and shame on those still betraying us, Eternal SHAME!
As, Hilarion-Kapral recently stated: "Never before in it's entire history, has the Russian Church been as free as it is now!"
Why do I question such a statement?