Miracles in Haiti

Fr. Gregory left for Haiti last Monday and was able to send a report to us today.  Here is the part that tells of the miracles:

...Perhaps the most astonishing bit of news:  Despite the violence of the event, the ikons of the Savior & Theotokos at MM were still on the wall just as left (as well as a photo of Matushka).  Likewise at St. Dorothy's (a few miles away): the cloture wall went down almost entirely (already rebuilt), but the church suffered not a crack, and two large icons of the Savior and Theotokos on the iconostasis and of St. Dorothy on an icon-stand remained firmly in place.  Likewise at Bill's home (the clinician, who treated 225 people the evening of the earthquake before they quit counting and ran out of supplies) -- two glass fronted icons stayed on the wall, though every dish in the house was broken; another, free-standing atop a cabinet, stayed in place while two photos in the same place smashed on the floor.  I hope he's listening!  Same at St. Augustine's (where the building damage is worse than I had thought) -- two hand-written icons on the iconostasis stayed in place, as did the icon of St. Augustine on its stand in the middle of the church.
...Again, astonishingly, Philippe's toe was the only significant injury amongst our people; other injuries were very minor...

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