False Unity

A different way of looking at ecumenism.
Archbishop Chrysostomos is writing here about false unity with Rome, but these same principles apply to the R0C0R-MP union and R0CA-A unity with uncanonical  R-splits.  -jh

...Dante's famous quote says it all: "Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate" (Abandon hope, all ye who enter here).

This kind of cheap ecumenism, in which we pretend that the issue between Orthodoxy and Rome is simply Papism, will lead to superficial and false unity.

...Second, is Christianity not, according to the consensus of the Fathers and the witness of the Undivided Church, united under the primacy of Christ and the authority of Scripture and Holy Tradition? Administrative unity grows out of unity in Faith, not vice versa. How did the early Christians know one another? It was not by their common leaders but by their common Faith, which their leaders (Bishops) were sworn to defend and uphold as the most precious of treasures.

Orthodox who are willing to ignore these simple and basic principles ...  are not rooted in the Faith but are seeking some sort of superficial religion that holds that the separation of man from man, an inevitability of the Fall, is a greater scandal than man's separation from God.  Read More... 

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