Compare ROCA Situation With Romania

Subject: Comparisons With Our ROCA Situation/Romanian Turmoil Caused by Romanian Patriarchate-
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 

Two enlightening articles, which have to do with the current appeal of the New Calendar Romanian Patriarchate, and it's desperate attempts to grab unto itself, any and all 'Romanians' and their decendents and their clergy and their churches, in America and Canada and everywhere, outside of Romania.
"Appeal to Unity and Romanian Dignity"- 

Then, a truly bitting and powerful rebuttle to this appeal from a prominent Romanian American layman:
"Wolves in Sheepskins""

When you read this rebuttle, just replace, in his text, the MP for the Romanian Patriarchate, and see the similarities.
Both of these 'Patriarchates' have been and still are, deeply tainted by their communist complicity and corruption, and both are NOT yet really cleansed.
And, both 'formerly communist dominated churches', are frantic to grab people and properties and MONIES, and POWER! (Earthly power!)
Yet, about 2/3rd's of  our former ROCOR, now MP, has joined itself to that corrupted and still enslaved MP, AS IF EVERYTHING WERE FINE, NOW!
Things are NOT fine, neither in Romania nor in the Russian Federation! (and is the Serbian Patriarchate any better?)
Reader Daniel

"At the beginning of the year 2010, proclaimed by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church as Anniversary Year of the Orthodox Creed and of Romanian Autocephaly, in the context of the 125th anniversary of the moment when the Romanian Orthodox Church became autocephalous and of the 85th anniversary of the elevation to the rank of Patriarchate, the hierarchs of the Holy Synod are reaching out and addressing a Heartfelt appeal to all Romanian Orthodox clerics and faithful abroad, who are, without blessing, in other sister Orthodox Churches or in non-canonical church structures, to restore their direct communion with their Mother Church, under the canonical jurisdiction of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church.
The realization of this desideratum is the fulfillment of the provisions of the Bylaw for the Organization and Functioning of the Romanian Orthodox Church, which mentions that the Romanian Orthodox Church is the Church of the Romanian people and encompasses all Orthodox Christians in Romania and the Romanian Orthodox Christians abroad (article 5), and the canonical and pastoral organization of the Romanian Orthodox faithful outside Romania is ensured by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church (article 8). This principle is in full accordance with the decision of the Panorthodox Preconciliar Conference of Chambésy-Switzerland (June 6-13, 2009), which specifies that each autocephalous Church has the right to shepherd its own diaspora.
The above-mentioned principles are expressing the duty of the Romanian Orthodox Church and are based upon the 16th Canon of the 1st Ecumenical Council (325), which contains the principle that no diocese is allowed to receive under its jurisdiction Orthodox clerics and faithful, without the blessing of the Church (diocese) to which they belong.
To this end, we are mentioning that the process of returning of the clergy and faithful of different nationalities to their Mother Churches (such as in the Moscow Patriarchate and the Serbian Patriarchate) has already started for a long time and has shown that, through shared responsibility and ethnic Orthodox solidarity, the conjunctural historical feuds, based on past political motives, can be overcome.
Now, when 20 years have passed since the fall of the Communist regime in Eastern Europe, when Romania is a member of the European Union and of NATO and in the context of an unprecedented activity of the Romanian Orthodox Church abroad, through the reorganization and foundation of numerous dioceses across the world, we think that there are no more real reasons to reject the call of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church to unity and Romanian Orthodox communion.
We are confident that this attitude of Romanian Orthodox resurrection and reconciliation will consolidate and intensify the pastoral-missionary, social-philanthropic and cultural-educational ministry of the Romanian Orthodox Church everywhere, strengthening at the same time the Romanian Orthodox dignity, through the liberation of some Romanian Orthodox from considering themselves ‘searchers of canonical shadows’ among strangers.
We are regretting that, for several reasons, some of our Romanian Orthodox brothers have sought other Orthodox jurisdictions, during Communism, but what was understandable in the past has become unreasonable and regrettable in present times, amounting to estrangement of Romanians from one another, up to their church division.
Being confident that our appeal to unity and Romanian Orthodox dignity will be received with joy and responsibility, as a desire for communion and brotherly cooperation, we are sharing with everyone our utmost respect and fatherly blessing."
The text was signed by the Patriarch, members of the Synod, and the bishops of the Romanian Patriarchate. The appeal raises the question: is the OCA viewed by the Romanian Patriarchate as a "sister Orthodox Church" , a "non-canonical church structure", or simply as "strangers" - a "canonical shadow" among which the OCA Romanians have been "searching" ?
-Mark Stokoe
Wolves in Sheepskins
On February 11, 2010 the Synod of the Romanian Patriarchate issued an ‘appeal” to “Romanian Orthodox unity and dignity”. The “appeal” requested all those of Romanian descent living abroad to subordinate to this institution. In a rather rudimentary and arrogant manner the Romanian Patrirchate, a cleptocratic institution itself burdened by sixty years history of subordination to Communism and total subordination to the neo-Communist Romanian regime, is attempting to interfere in the life of those of Romanian descent living in the Free World.
First of all the actual hierarchs should know that Orthodoxy is not a “nationality” but a Faith. Orthodox faithful are not “many” but already one body, united in dogmas and sacraments. Apparently the Romanian Patriarchate is unable and unwilling to depart from the old ways, from the tribal chauvinism practiced and professed by the most heinous elements of Romanian Fascism and Communism.
In their stubbornness the Patriarchate continues to call those of Romanian descent, now second, third, fourth and even fifth generation in their new countries, a “Diaspora”. A “Diaspora” is that segment of a people temporarily living outside the national boundaries of a country. Romanian-Americans and Romanian-Canadians are citizens of the United States, or of Canada, and proud members of those two great nations. Calling them all a “Diaspora” is an insult - and proof of historical illiteracy. It is, in fact, tantamount to denying the very existence of the 200+ year old American and Canadian nations. The Romanian Patriarchate, an institution with a history of eighty-five years, (hardly ancient...) directly and indirectly displays an arrogance that is unbecoming of   Christians.
In fact, and in effect, the Romanian Patriarchate grossly insults the canonical bodies of the New World and all those associated with them. Since when is the Romanian Patriarchate alone entitled to decide when another Orthodox body is canonical or not? Since when do hierarchs proved of  being collaborators with the totalitarian Communist regime dare to issue moral judgments against others? Since when is the Romanian Patriarchate entitled to insult the dignity and the unity of the New World?
Because that is exactly what this outrageous “appeal” is doing: denying the right of Orthodox to seek unity in the New World, while denying the very existence of the New World nations.
The Romanian Patriarchate had the audacity to “forgive” those who, opposing the bestial Communist regime, stood up to its tools -- among whom were the Patriarchate and its contraptions in the New World. If this is not arrogance beyond limits ( and frankly, reveals a shameless incapacity to repent) what is?
This “appeal” is a scandal, a direct and gross insult to the New World, to the Orthodox faithful living here , to each and everyone of us who call ourselves Romanian-Americans and Romanian-Canadians. In my opinion those who issued this outrageous “appeal” should publicly apologize, any and all contacts with the Romanian Patriarchate should be suspended by the “Vatra” Episcopate until they do. Loyalty to the New World and its dignity is not optional for its citizens - and this is a moment when such loyalty has to be proved; with facts, not empty words. Enough is enough!
Alexandru Nemoianu
“Valerian D.Trifa.Romanian-American Heritage Center”

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