Our Skete Near San Diego

On the Sunday of Orthodoxy Reader Daniel phoned our Holy Resurrection Skete and had a very pleasant conversation with Mother Euphemia.
She said their skete used to be in the Serbian Church, but has now been over a year very happily with Met. Agafangel and Vladyka Andronik. 
She said, '"The number one reason that we left the Serbian church, was that it is in communion with the MP!"
She said that Fr. Vasily pronounced all the anathemas in Church this day, especially the anathema of ecumenism. And that she affirmed each one, especially the anathema of ecumenism.
She expressed solidarity with us and others in our ROCA, and seemed happy to receive the call, and asked for prayers from all of us.
They have no computer, newsletters, advertizing, etc. We want to remember to support them with our prayers.

Holy Resurrection Skete
721 Rainbow Crest Road
Fallbrook, Cal.
Hieromonk Basil (K.)
Nun Euphemia (Orlova)
phone & fax: 760-728-8587

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