Whom Dr. Magerovsky Offended

Here is an excerpt from an email Reader Daniel sent me about a week after Servant Eugene reposed. -jh

... Of course, this is a thorny and somewhat complicated a subject: the whys? of those VARIOUS folks who have been offended by Dr. Magerovsky's writings, and in which specific CATEGORY of aggrieved-persons, does each individual among them fit? And too, do ANY of them have a right to have been offended/angry at Magerovsky? And too, was Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky a PERFECT human being, always and in every one of his arguments or positions, etc.?  i.e. did he unnecessarily cause anger or instigate some uproar, etc.?

Here are the major categories of the offended:

1) those who were hell-bent to make the 'union', and didn't want or expect anyone to spill the beans or publicly contradict them

2) the exceedingly confused 'ROCOR-refugees, who upon the sinking of the Titanic, were at first merely mindless floating flotsam seeking ANY lifeboat into which they could climb to save themselves, and who thus, were not thinking clearly AND who did not know the FACTS about what had happened nor where to turn

3) fellow anti-MP folks, especially parish priests, who early still HOPED that many would rebel against the union and join our side, IF ONLY we spoke softly and kindly to them (& even about our enemies, the MP!). Those parish priests hoped that 'fence-sitters' might be swayed to our side

4) Magerovsky's unminced direct and steady internet assaults upon the traitors in ROCOR and in clearly spelling out the BLACK facts of the MP, etc. were considered, 'too harsh,' 'too confrontational,' 'unChristian,' 'disrespectful,' 'irreligious,'  - so much so, that: that crowd (still among our ROCA clergy & laity) actually blamed Magerovsky:
"For causing many who might have joined us, to instead ... flee from us," because they said: "if that nasty/crazy Magerovsky reflects Agafangel's church, then WE DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!" and those types have : 1) stayed with the 'union'  OR  2) chosen an alternative (rival) fragment church, to ours.
Thus, Magerovsky is seen by these folks (the ones, technically 'in our ROCA' still) as having done far more harm to our cause than good. He was the proverbial 'loose-cannon,' a 'big-mouth,' a 'difficult person,' an 'argumentative fellow,' etc.  In other words too, "Magerovsky has been a curse on us, not a blessing!" etc.

The most bizarre accusation thrown at Magerovsky: "He has caused many to GO with the union, who otherwise might have/would have (?) joined us!"
...ha! ha! ha!...how utterly absurd! (as if those goofy folks do not themselves! bear full responsibility for their own deeds and words!???) ....especially the beep crowd, as but one prime example.

Of course, Joanna, all of this is rubbish.  Magerovsky did his best, to sound the alarm bell, when almost no one else was.  And, sure, he MIGHT have been more polite sometimes, etc. But when one is trying to wake up zombies headed over the cliff, do you speak softly?  And too, though he started his battle as a lone-ranger, (originally inspired by beep, as he told me recently) he progressed over time into a team-player when it became more appropriate to our ROCA's cause.  He was flexible.  And again, he was NOT pefect in every aspect or crany of his being, but HE DID HID BEST! via his blog site on the internet, to fight massive betrayal and massive evil; while most others were either bowing to that evil or wanting to be piped to/ entertained on the street corners. Magerovsky hated lies and had NO respect for liars! And too, he knew Russian Church history and canons! And, he knew the communists!

So this is a further clarificatiion of what I have previously briefly mentioned to you: our ROCA has not had (nor even now has) perfect unity.  Magerovsky has been very disliked, by many in our own church, not only from outside us. That is apparently the reason why even now, at his passing from this world, we hear or see ALMOST no words of sympathy for him by most of our higher clergy: "if you can't say anything good about (the living or the dead), don't say anything at all!"  (and Russians generally adhere to that dictum, especially about the newly reposed).
....so they are generally quiet.

This is about all I can say on this subject, for now.

To all the people who thought we lost members because of Dr. Magerovsky, I ask this:
Has any one of those lost people joined or returned now that Dr. Magerovsky is gone?


Reader Daniel said...

I do see, that in our ROCA, now, we do seem to have much more unity and a common vision, than we did a year ago. Also, it has helped us, that some have left us, as they were of no good to our church. Let them stir up trouble for their new 'bishops', whose names I will not mention here.
Dr. Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky was not a perfect person, and he made some errors in some of his arguments, as I am aware of, as he and I discussed some of those points in our almost daily telephone conversations.
Yet, he knew far more about many many subjects, including Russian and Orthodox church history, world-cultures, various languages, and especially about the machinations of the communist masters of his beloved Russia.
In our first telephone conversation, I asked him: 'But why did you get involved in this fight?' His response: 'Because I did not want to see the Bolsheviks win!'
Our dearly departed brother, Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky fought the good fight, and indeed he hastened his physical collapse, by his daily/tireless efforts, working his computer, at trying to tell the truth to the world, of what was happening to his beloved Russian Church Abroad.
Now, we the living are left to continue his battle.
He would want this, I am sure.
Memory Eternal! to a good man.
Reader Daniel Everiss

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Below is a comment that one of the goons tried to post last year, but I deleted it. Here is one Russian [if he/she is indeed a Russian] who apparently does not "adhere to that dictum, especially about the newly reposed" not to speak ill of the newly reposed. Note the demonic glee ["keep the laughs coming"] that the goon has in learning that his revelry hasn't ended with Dr. Magerovsky's death - that Dr. Magerovsky has a successor. The introductory sentence of his comment and the concluding sentence of his comment both have this theme. The goon needs us to continue with his work. But we have no need of him to continue with ours. Dr. Magerovsky kindly tolerated these goons when they refrained from obscenities. I do not have such patience.

[ROCOR REFUGEES] New comment on On The Day Of Servant Eugene's Funeral
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 3:59 AM
From: "Anonymous"
To: joannahigginbotham@yahoo.com

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "On The Day Of Servant Eugene's Funeral":

Well Reader Daniel, it seems there is indeed someone to continue beating the inane "FSB is the KGB" drum and continue the work of E.Magerovsky after all... True patriots stand up for Russia and do not continue to slander her with the nonense that was constantly spewed forth by Dr Magerovsky. He put the boot into Russia all the time and his sad sad "elamger" blog on Livejournal is a living testament to this. As for his crusade against the reunion of the two parts of the Local Russian Church - he certainly excelled as being the Joeseph Geobels of the Agathangelite separatists. As for CIA ( an agency set up and run by zionist freemasons) agents in heaven - that has got to the funniest thing I have ever read. No really - please keep the laughs coming Reader Daniel.

I compare this goon behavior with how we R0CA-A Christians responded to the death of Met. Laurus. We mourned among ourselves, and may have spoken among ourselves about the sadness that he died in schism and as a betrayer, and that we did not believe that malarky about the bells - but none of us shoved those views into the faces of his mourners. None of us laughed, not even in private. We let them bury their dead in peace.

Reader Daniel said...

My response to this, KGB instigated/scripted propaganda-attack comment from a year ago:
I did not respond to it a year ago, simply because virtually every word in it, is mindless/totally untrue/Kremlin instigated propaganda. I am highly flattered, however, in that this goon seems to see, in me, the successor to Dr. Magerovsky (!!!)
That role, I am certainly not worthy of. All that I can do now, as he did in his life, is to seek the truth and to tell the truth, that's all.
KGB/'FSB' gangster Putin and his 'nomenklatura' communist ruling elite, STILL rule and still are ruining Russia, with their captive 'Moscow Patriarchy' founded by Stalin and now (the current Kremlin 'line', Putin and crew are the, 'Protectors of Orthodoxy'), ha! ha! ha!
That corrupt and foul tool of the secular government, the monolithic monsterous MP, is what a large portion of the formerly free Russian Church Abroad, submitted itself to, under the false slogan of, 'uniting the two parts of the Russian Church'...yata, yata, yata!
This unbelievable feat and victory for the communist rulers of Russia, was accomplished because of several erroneous foundational premesis: 1)" Russian is now free from it's athiest overlords" (it is NOT!), 2) "churches are being built and renovated there" (yes, but why?....to fool the world that Russia is 'free', which it is NOT!), 3) "the MP is THE Russian Church, the 'Mother Church', which St. Patriarch Tikhon ordered the Russian diaspora to join, 'when the athiest regime shall fall, etc."
FOLKS!...just SEE/HEAR/LOOK/USE YOUR God-given intelligence, all the evidence! Present Russia is STILL ruled by the same athiest/communist ruling class, it's MP is not purified from state control, and Putin's Russia is, once again, a threat to the whole world, especially to America, and 4) via the instrumentation of traitorous Judas apostate ROCOR bishops and their priestly followers. NONE of these betrayers, are worthy of us now calling them, fellow Orthodox or 'bishops' or 'priests'!!!
They are indeed, crusifyers of Christ and co-murderers of the saints!
To those who say, that we must FIRST have a future 'ecumenical -council' to proclaim that this MP is 'in heresy', I say RUBBISH! How many canons already! proclaim that NO secular government CAN run the church, and if it tries, then all those who co-operate with that FRAUD, are anathema!
Putin and his KGB gangster crew, who murder people right and left today, TOTALLY control their enslaved MP, for THEIR ends, not those of Jesus Christ or of His Saints through the ages.
They thereby violate ALL canons, all Christian norms.
Dr. Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky was thus, a hero for truth and for pure Orthodoxy. May he indeed rest with the saints.
Those on the side of the KGB/FSB are on the side of the Devil himself, and HOW!? can any one of them, get into Heaven???
Reader Daniel Everiss