RTOC Is Not the Church

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Here are the Google and Babel Fish translations. In the comments are some documents supporting the assertions.  But the machine translations make them difficult to follow.

RTOC - not the Church, because it does not have its main features: 
[RIPTS] - not church, since it does not possess its main properties:

1. RTOC has canonical church administration (RTOC Synod - a bunch of self-styled) 
1. [RIPTS] does not have canonical church control (synod [RIPTS] - self-styled assemblage),
2.RIPTS has no canonical authority of the episcopate (bishops, it samosvyaty), 
2.[RIPTs] does not have [kanonichnogo] [episkopata] (its [episkopat]- of [samosvyaty]),
3.RIPTS not have the right mvrovareniya, therefore:
3.[RIPTs] does not possess the right of [m]v[rovareniya], consequently:  
Yes. RTOC not the Church,
 a. [RIPTS] not church, 
b.. RTOC itself can not even make the sacrament of baptism, 
b. [RIPTS] itself cannot accomplish even sacrament of baptism,
into. RTOC can not connect to the Church of penitents as expected, through mvropomazanie.
v. [RIPTS] cannot join to the church [kayushchikhsya] as assumed, through [m]v[ropomazanie]. 
4.RIPTS no canonical territory 
(For this reason RTOC rowing under him and everyone and everything - everywhere where you can and can not) 
4.[RIPTs] does not have the canonical territory (for this reason [RIPTS] for [grebet] under itself and all and entire - everywhere where is possible and cannot)
PS All you see above applies to the same extent to split ROAC and the self assemblage sabelnikovskoy autonomy IRPTSZ. 
PS all written above relates in the same measure to the division [RPATS] and the self-styled assemblage of [sabelnikovskoy] autonomy [IRPTSZ].
Remember-loving readers that splits and parasinagogi disastrous for the soul, graceless and the sacrament they have not committed: 
We resemble To the [bogolyubivym] readers that the divisions and [parasinagogi] are disastrous for the soul, [bezblagodatny] and sacrament in them they are not accomplished:
"Who should be a misleading division, he did not inherit the kingdom of God " 
"Who follows that leading division, that does not inherit [Tsarstviya] Of [bozhego]"

(Ignatius to the Philadelphians Bogonosets.Poslanie, 4).
(Ignatius [Bogonosets].[Poslanie] to [filadelfiytsam], 4).

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