No Sympathy For Haiti

This article was spotted on the Jamestown Foundation blog by Melissa Bushunow, a member of the Haitian Mission Yahoo Group. It is very damaging to the MP, and their 'Pat. Kyrill', not only his unsympathetic words about the Haitians' suffering, but also the second part of this, exposing him (once again) as a petty political agent of the Kremlin, regarding Kazakistan. -R.D.

Subject: Pat Robertson in a Klobuk

On January 16, four days after the poor Caribbean nation was hit by a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake claiming between 100,000 and 200,000 lives and as the whole world was trying to help alleviate the suffering of the Haitian people, Russian Patriarch Kirill I said something unthinkable while on his three-day trip in Kazakhstan where he met with that country’s leadership as a political component of his visit. As reported by Russian media, he literally blamed the Haitians for incurring God’s wrath on themselves. “Haiti is a country of poverty and crime, famine, drugs and corruption, where people have lost their moral face,” Kirill was quoted as saying, “I've visited the island divided between two countries, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. One of them is developing, while the other is affected by crimes, economic recession and political unrest; that part of the island was shattered by the earthquake” (

According to The Moscow Times, the Russian patriarch compared Haiti with Kazakhstan, noting that “Kazakhstan has not experienced any earthquakes recently despite its seismological position”(, a Russian Internet publication, brought in another quote from Kirill II’s statement: “[Haiti] had not been capable of realizing itself and putting itself on the road to development, which could bring prosperity to [its] people” ( It is worth mentioning here that Kazakhstan has recently assumed the one-year-long chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Kirill I’s high-profile visit to that country could be complementary to the Russian political leadership’s desire to use Kazakhstan as a “conduit” for its European security proposals ( 

Commenting on the issue in his article “We Have Shocked Everyone,” Dmitry Shusharin, a famous Russian political analyst, called Patriarch Kirill’s derogatory words towards Haiti a statement by “a top-ranking political figure” and tried to interpret them as a manifestation of Russia’s growing marginalization and isolationism. “Any nation’s name can be put in a cliché” that was used toward the Haitians, Shusharin wrote ( In the same article, he also suggested that the Russian patriarch’s words could explain “why Russia provided very insignificant aid to Haiti compared to other countries.”


Joanna Higginbotham said...

I feel very sorry for the MP 0rthodox in Haiti - to have a chief hierarch who cares so little. We need to love and pray extra for this poor deprived flock enough to make up for Pat. K.'s lack.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Usually it is the super-correct that are accused of hard-heartedness. Remember, though, Fr. Seraphim taught us that the super-correct disease is the flip side of the coin of the world 0rthodox apostasy disease. Both are hard-hearted isolationists, but manifesting it in opposite ways. In this article we see Pat. K.'s world 0rthodox concern with the "things of this world" -- the world 0rthodox promoting the goal of a "moral rebirth of society."

This concern is a step towards ecumenism, because even pagans [and voodoo-ists] can have good morals.

Again chiliasm is intertwined with ecumenism - the idea of creating a heaven on earth, rather than seeking the Kingdom not of this world.

Unprofitable Servant said...

This comment from "Patriarch" Kyril says a great deal about the pseudo-Orthodox spirituality of the MP, does it not?
It reminds me of the criticism that Job experienced in conversations with his "righteous" friends, who insisted that Job's suffering must have been caused by his sins, rather than understanding that his suffering was a heavy cross laid upon Job by the Evil One.

This is one of many instances that have caused me to wonder how much, if any, of the pious wisdom and smireniye of Holy Russia was ever passed down to the MP hierarchs by the Church. Yes, the MP has obiously confiscated all of the buildings and the vestments, but do they even understand such basic Orthodox theology as the meaning of suffering?

Reader Daniel said...

As with so many other 'patriarchal' pronouncements of KGB-agent Mikhail-Gundaev, he is nothing but an automated mouthpiece for his true masters, the KGB gang in the Kremlin. Here, again, he makes a statement (askew, though, in world-opinion), about far-away insignificant Haiti, but it seems that his real purpose in this dual subject statement, was a mainly a reference to Kazahkstan, since Moscow wants to totally dominate it. Hense, the 'holy' 'patriarch' apparently speaking for God, assures Kahzakies, that no earthquake is likely to harm THEM.
(Perhaps, as long as they please the Kremlin?)
To me, the real import of this off-based Haiti/Kazahkjstan pronouncement by 'Patriarch Kyrill' is that it is but one more clear piece of evidence, of what Kyrill is and what his MP is truly about.
And this is what the 2/3rds of the formerly free Russian Church Abroad submitted itself to?.....this political animal, this pretend-version of, 'The Mother Russian Church'...?
Or, am I confused?
Rd. Daniel

Guest 07 said...

Sadly, the MP, in its continued practice of sergianism and as a tool of the government, is not interested in uniting Christians, as much as promoting the geopolitical ends of the Russian government.  Their obsession is pulling the Ukraine back into the Russian (neo-Soviet) orbit.  If differences between Catholicism and Orthodoxy are muffled, it dampens the nationalism and ardor of the Uniates, making it easier for Russian control to be deepened.  If or when Moscow's puppet, Yanukovich, wins the Feb. 7 run-off elections, expect to see even more moves to bring the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the control of the MP and other examples of Russian heavy-handedness towards Ukraine.
Meanwhile, our benighted brethren hail these developments as normal and a restoration of how things were under the czars.  Again, the typical lack of knowledge of history.