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by Joanna
There is an article in the Daily Courier, January 8, 2010, titled:

From what I can tell by the machine translation these are either three Russian newspapers or three names for the same Russian newspaper which for the past 4O years have sought to destroy ROCOR.  The names have changed, but the "essence remains unchanged."  Today they are maligning  Vl. Agafangel for his "new unification initiatives" and calling for the creation of one more "unlawful assembly under the name of the Church Abroad."  The article includes a report submitted by Protopresbyter George Grabbe [1973?] charging the editor of the Banner of Russia with waging a campaign against the Synod using 3 methods:
1. slander against bishops and clergy
2. unfounded defamation
3. "call for the formation of self-appointed gatherings" [which means schisms]
Further into the article, for example, we see that in 1973 this newspaper was calling for a new split by convening the "FIRST Catacomb Cathedral"

The point here is that for the enemy to create destructive schisms is not any new idea.  They are always waiting for any opportunity.

Our Vl. Joseph said he believes that the "fragments" [the R-splits of today] resulted from the planned and coordinated actions of hidden elements of ROCA's enemies [Oct. 26/13 Minutes].  This makes sense.

Some refugees seem to hold to the theory that all the R-splits are equal, that they all resulted from the union, just that some left earlier than others.  And they include ROCA-A in the category of the R-splits.  A closer look, negates, or at least casts doubt, on this theory.  The piece of information missing in this theory is that the earlier R-splits were engineered by infiltrators.  The goals include:
1. divide and conquer
2. get the opposition out of the way and into a place where they can be labeled "fanatic schismatics" so that nobody will take them seriously
3. cause confusion, distraction
4. have a basis from which to launch future attacks when the opportunity presents itself

Notice how rapidly ROCIE was divided after it was formed.  And notice how the common spirit of the R-splits is division and separation - bordering on isolation.  And notice one big difference between the R-splits and ROCA-A :

In the forming of all the R-splits, they left ROCOR and started their own jurisdiction.  Vl. Agafangel is the only one who did not leave, – rather he was left by the others, standing alone.  As Fr. Gregory said in his open letter published just prior to the union - he is not going anywhere, he will just be left standing there, abandoned.  The KGB could not have manipulated that sequence of events.  It was the MP's objective to take all the Bishops, not to leave one behind.  ROCA-A was a God-made beginning, unlike the R-splits which had man-made beginnings.

Anyone who takes the time to read the postings on this subject will be able to understand that we do not "attack" RTOC, it is just that we do not recognize it as canonical.  We recognize that many of the faithful are true members of Christ's flock, deceived into accepting an uncanonical situation, which we hope can be remedied for the flock, or at least for some individuals.

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

If I say that I think Tikhon Pasechnik is an agent, then it is an outrage and I'm called a "slanderer!", a "liar!" and "paranoid" - "seeing a conspiracy under every bush."

But if somebody says that Vl. Agafangel is an agent, I just shrug my shoulders. Absurd.

Unprofitable Servant said...

According to the Mitrokhin archival material published in The Sword and the Shield, the KGB has long practiced infiltration of dissenting groups. So, it is not surprising that they have done the same within the various fragments of the ROCOR. It also seems to me that people within the ROCOR became aware of the impending MP takeover and abandoned ship at different times during the past fifteen years, without always openly discussing what they knew with others, perhaps partly out of fear.

Under such circumstances, we are all left somewhat adrift, without necessarily knowing whom to trust. However, it seems to me that those who oppose unification of the various ROCOR fragments might, most likely, be those who are secretly working for the MP within the ranks of the ROCOR dissenters. What other motive could they have for opposing efforts at some peaceful resolution of the conflicts?

Joanna Higginbotham said...

hmmm... So, The Sword and the Shield confirms that the KGB does, in fact, infiltrate EXISTING dissenting groups. But what about agents CREATING dissenting groups.

The spirit that binds the R-splits is a spirit of separation. This is the one thing they agree on and insist on, and accept about each other. If anyone doubts this observation, just go visit the Euphrosynos Cafe.

So, then, how do we make sense out of the fact that RT0C has recently tried to establish communion with the G0C and earlier with the SIR? A spirit of separation would not seek to establish communion with another group. Right?

Except if they seek "validation."

Notice how RT0C insists it be accepted "AS IS." So far RT0C has been unwilling to remedy its invalid episcopate.

Also notice how RT0C turned off its denunciation of the Cyprianites when it was seeking communion with SIR. And when its attempt to be validated by the SIR failed, then it again started denouncing Cyprianism full force.

There is one more reason RT0C might seek union with a Sister Church - which would be to render them impure. If RT0C can get R0CA-A to join it in Eucharistic communion while it keeps its invalid episcopate, then it will have successfully struck a mortal wound in R0CA-A canonicity.

I pray our hierarchs never accept a false union. I pray we do not get infiltrated. How do we know who to trust? Trust God. Pray not to be fooled. God does not forsake those who trust in Him.
Logic lies. Do not trust logic.

Here is a logical lie:
1. what is better than eternal bliss?
2. nothing
3. a slice of bread is better than nothing
4. so, a slice of bread is better than eternal bliss

This logic might seem like a joke, but this is the same kind of logic that was used to herd the flock into the union.

Do not trust logic. Trust God.