False Rumor

To: Exarchate Clergy
From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Evlogia Kyriou.

        This time I will not reproduce the note sent once more to one of our faithful, announcing the repose of Metropolitan Cyprian. Today's message was obscenely sick. Let me simply reiterate, since I have received several notes from concerned individuals, that Metropolitan Cyprian has not reposed and that there is no change whatsoever in his condition. Nor, if you should hear such inane accusations, is His Eminence's death being hidden.

        Let me further emphasize that those who spread rumors of this kind, which have been passed on over the last two years to the Protection Convent in Canada, to the St. Edward Brotherhood in England, and to our monastery here in Etna (including what was for me a surprising announcement of my own death), are of the same ilk as those who deal in lies and slander: their conviction apparently being that repeated enough times, someone will eventually believe such things.

        If there is any change in the Metropolitan's condition, we will be among the first to know. We will not, I can assure you, hesitate to inform you immediately. I am sorry that these things have caused several of you upset and concern. That is most unfortunate. However, morally and spiritually ill people will do what morally and spiritually ill people do. ...

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