Blessed Are Ye...

...When Men Shall Revile You...

A year ago, the day Servant Eugene died, his enemies, like frantic rabid animals, descended onto the R0C0R Refugees blog, which at that time allowed comments by anyone  Here is a collection of some of the absurd names the enemies have called Dr. Magerovsky, for a bit of humor...

By his enemies Dr. Magerovsky had been called:
A Jew!
A Jew-Mason!
A Polish Jew-Mason!
A Khazarian-Jew!
A CIA agent!
A KGB agent!
A CIA/KGB double agent!
A Gay!
A Russia-hater!
A Protestant!
A Nazi!
A Jew-Nazi!
"Doctor Dobrovo-Magerovsky"!
An Israeli Masad agent!
A Masad-CIA-KGB agent!
A Zionist!
Herr Magerovsky!
Dr. Magoo!
[various vulgarities are omitted from this list since there is no humor in them]

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