Why Are Not More People Leaving ROCOR-MP?

We remember that the first reason given for the MP union was that "Communism is over!"

A recent LaRussophobe article starts out:
Welcome Back to the USSR  -- Three years ago, when we began calling Russia the “neo-Soviet Union,” some scoffed. They said Russia could “never go back” to those dark days, even though it had a proud KGB spy as its ruler. Now, our statement is simply conventional wisdom, and Russians themselves openly say so...
Nobody anymore believes communism is over.  It is just too obviously still here.  So why are not more people leaving the ROCOR-MP?  Several of us have wondered about this. We expected that time would reveal the truth - and it has.  So where are the many people who now have their doubts confirmed?  Why are they staying in the ROCOR-MP?

I have found two reasons:
1. denial
2. resignation

An example of denial is HERE .  In this example a unionite purposely suppresses his conscience telling himself that his doubts are "rebellious thoughts" and "temptations to judge."  He says he has less to confess if he keeps these things to himself.

An example of resignation is HERE .  In this example a unionite priest gives up the cherished dream of a resurrected Russia and faces the "reality" that a dream is a dream - and this is the real world.  He has accepted the "working from within" lie and expects to help defend Russia against the heterodox influences.  He is resigned to facing the tasks without fear, just as one should not fear going into a hospital to help the sick.

What is behind this denial and this resignation?  The priest, in the example above, points directly to it. It is a failure to recognize the true Church.  In that failure, he tries to figure it out logically.  He ends up talking himself into believing what he does not really believe.

Both these examples are causes for the deepest sadness my heart has ever known.  But let's continue.  Next question:  What is behind this failure to recognize the true Church?

"Whoever is attentive to the unrelenting warfare of the devil against Christ's Holy Church will always know where to find the true Church." (Unknown Catacomb Bishop 1948)
Christ told the Jews that if they had studied the prophets, that they would have recognized Him.  Fr. Seraphim Rose said that the reason to study end-time teachings is to be able to recognize Antichrist [and antichrist].  The historical ROCOR emphasized eschatology.  It was the Laurus synod that started suppressing it.  And it is world Orthodoxy that ridicules it.  In studying eschatology we silence all the noise that prevents us from hearing where the true Church is.  "My sheep know My voice."

Our prophets tell us:  Russia WILL resurrect!  There will be a glorious miraculous flowering with a God-appointed Orthodox Tzar who will purge the Church of all the false clergy, which is going to be almost all of them.  Russia will lead a world-wide conversion with thousands coming from all over the world to be baptized.  We are even warned not to be fooled by the first "flowering" which will be a false one.  These are tried and true prophecies, not newly unearthed ones.

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Unprofitable Servant said...

One obvious reason that more people in my former ROCOR parish have not left the ROCOR-MP is that there is simply no other "place" for them to go, at least if one wishes to remain in a traditional Old Calendar parish in the community.

Our family left the ROCOR-MP in 2007, but there are some who would say that we are now "outside of the Church." They do have the building, the clergy, many of the parishoners, vestments, liturgical books, etc. We have few of those obviously important things. Others have simply joined the local OCA parish, and also consider us to be "outside of the Church."