Vl. Agafangel Wishes R-Splits To Return

From Daily Courier Dec. 31st, 2009 at 10:25 PM
Machine Translation:

Metropolitan of ROCOR Agafangel - Rule of faith and way of gentleness.

I appeal to those members of ROCOR who read this magazine.

Please do not be tempted by the fact that I, in the opinion of some expressed in this and other journals, are inferior in some positions and traditions of the ROCOR.

This is not so - I believe that our Church Abroad is part of the Local Russian Church, which has its origins from the beginning of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy. Apostles. And in this we can be no doubt.

But I also find it useful and necessary to conduct a dialogue with those who had previously been in the Church, but then walked away from it. Among these people there are many who can hear and see. The Lord told us that he came not to the righteous, but sinners, and reproached him for, because He associated with sinners.

So I ask you not tempted by the faithful children, but always remember that our Church of the Holy Spirit operates through the catholicity, and no decision regarding our common life and faith, can not be taken from us in addition to the church council and without taking into account the views of all our faithful children .

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