Visit To Hell

The link below to the Halflife Forum is not for everyone. It is a true visit to hell with all its raw hatred and all its mocking confusion. I do not recommend visiting this link.

Unless you want to take a look at the depth of the evil we are up against. Unless you want to see the abomination of desolation, and I promise there exists nothing uglier. Unless you want to see how evil deeply permeates the fantasy world [the main entertainment diet of today's youth - and many adults, too].

The page is from Halflife Forums -
Forum: Off Topic
Category: Politics

The title of the post is:
"Russia's Evil Plans Revealed By An Insider"

The first sentence of the post describes the content of the post:
"This post tells the entire truth about Russia's intentions for the world, in which I, play a part."

Here is the link:

For those who heed my warning not to visit this link, I've copied below the one part I wish not to have hidden, since it supports my insistent assertion that the KGB consciously calls on demons to assist them [a.k.a. sorcery].
"The devil is real - I have seen his cage. Golden like the sun, encrusted with blood rubies. Rich rubble, dark death, boiling blood shall flow from the bad mountain. Heavy the price the world and the people shall pay for his freedom. The people will destroy the world, and the world will destroy the people, but he shall be free and men and women shall weep and wail and gnash their teeth at the Great Lord's coming - our Dark Master, power incarnate, destroyer of worlds." - Ludmila Romanova, High Priestess in the KGB Paranormal Division, 1976.

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