This Is Not The Flowering

Some in world 0rthodoxy believe that Russia is now experiencing the prophesied "flowering" that is to come to the world through Russia. But a careful look at the prophets shows this not to be so. For one thing, just one of many, the end of the Communist yoke is prophesied to come from the East, specifically from China.

The current supposed "end" of Communism came from within itself. Even without any prophesies THAT by itself should be a cause for suspicion. Especially now in retrospect.

"The deliverance of Russia from the Red yoke Father John prophesied as being from the East."
-I.K. Sursky, Father John of Kronstadt
[Beolgrade, 1942] vol. 2, pp. 3, 23-24

" ... Fr. Aristocleus said that the end [of Communism] would come through China. There would be an extra-ordinary outburst and a miracle of God would be manifested. And there will be an entirely different life, but all this will not be for long."
Hieroschemamonk Aristocleus [1918†]
-0rthodox Russia, 1969, No. 21.p. 3

source: The 0rthodox Word #50 page 115

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