√ From The Economist print edition, Dec 17th 2009
The Holy Land
Where Piety Meets Power
How the Russian church and with it the Russian state are gaining ground, in several senses, in the Holy Land

√ Note: This highly inspiring missionary journey of SIR Synod Bishop Ambrose of Methone, to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. is a marvel to read about! He is a spiritual giant among living Orthodox bishops, and among his many talents, he is multi-lingual. He cares about and serves all nationalities and races.
God bless Bishop Ambrose of our sister church, The Synod In Resistance! MANY YEARS!
Reader Daniel Everiss

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

Yes, Daniel it is true. Bishop Ambrose is a living saint. His prayers work miracles - I've seen it. He is just like St. John. If the deridingly so-called "Cyprianites" are such heretics as the super-correct claim, they could not produce such fruit as Bishop Ambrose.