A Step Towards Gathering the Fragments

ROCA(A) First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel taking practical steps to “gather up the fragments” of the historic ROCA
[The first paragraph of the article sums up the decision taken at the last Synod of Bishops meeting and that letters have been sent to the three primates of the other parts of ROCA. The second paragraph explains that Bishop Georgiy has been assigned the task.  This information was distributed in previous emails. Ed.]
In his blog, Metropolitan Agafangel offered his view on the proposed negotiations, 
Those who desire a united Church, must begin speaking with each other without any preconditions.  Issues that trouble one’s conscience should be brought up and discussed during the talks themselves.  Otherwise we will never make any progress. 
In the course of further discussions on the blog, individuals from the various TOCs, which have been linked historically to ROCA, agreed tentatively to meet in Odessa next summer at an unofficial conference, with the goal of clarifying what they think are the reasons for the separation of the ROCA “fragments” and how these divisions can be overcome.
Bishop Georgiy has already agreed to meet early next year with the RTOC Synod of Bishops Chairman, Archbishop Tikhon.
Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir has instructed his Synod Chancery to send a letter to Metropolitan Agafangel agreeing to meet and to invite the ROCA(A) Primate to come to Suzdal at any time convenient for him for further talks.

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