A Russian Joke

There is a popular joke in Soviet Russia about Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Hitler standing atop Lenin's tomb reviewing a military parade in Moscow.

“If I only had an army that big,” said Genghis Khan, “I would surely conquer Europe...”

“If I only had these nice rockets back in 1812,” said Napoleon, “Russia would now be a part of the French colonial empire...”

Hitler did not say anything; he was reading 'Novosti' News Press Agency magazine, thinking if only he could publish propaganda like this, no one in the world would realize what Fascism is and eagerly embrace it...

from: Love Letter to America, by Tomas Schuman (aka Yuri Bezemenov). This out-of-print and largely unavailable booklet is found here:

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mmcxristidis said...

Tell me if you've heard this joke before.This is suppose to be an old Russian joke which was told to me the other day...
A Bishop and a KGB agent went out to dinner together one evening. After looking over the menu the waiter come's to their table and ask's the KGB agent what he would like. "I'll have roast beef dinner." "Very good sir" says the waiter, "and for the vegetable"? The KGB agent looks over at the bishop and says "He'll have the same."