Met. Anthony Incorrupt Relics

0n a Yahoo Group forum back in 2004, Fr. Elia mentioned that Met. Anthony's [Khrapovitsky] relics had been discovered incorrupt.  I asked him to share more of what he knows about this and here is what he wrote:

From: Burning Bush
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Dear Joanna,
God's blessing!

It was some time ago, and I am much older and forgetful now. I can only tell you what I remember.

There was an article published in CHURCH NEWS, which was basically published by the Grabbe Family. The only living member, who might remember more is Bishop Gregory's daughter, Matushka Maria Shishkoff.

At that time [1936] all coffins in Serbia were made with slats in the bottom to allow for the natural draining of bodily fluids with decay. Serbian grave diggers were opening up a grave adjacent to that of Metropolitan Anthony at Novi Sad, about a year after his repose. In the normal order of things, the normal processes of decay would have been evident. The Serbian gravediggers were quite surprised that there were none, so they inquired about it asking who was it who had been buried there, and so it became known to those who were involved. The then Count Grabbe, already Chancellor of the RCA was naturally informed.

If you can find an issue of Church News from the time of the discovery of Metropolitan Philaret's incorrupt relics, you will find the article. I forget the year. [Nov. 1998]

It is noteworthy because Fr. John Shaw denied that there was anything unusual about the incorrupt relics of Metropolitan Philaret, and had alternative suggestions, such as maybe Metropolitan Philaret had been embalmed (but Bishop Gregory had been in charge of the procedure and would not have allowed embalming.  He made a point of the story of Met. Anthony's incorrupt body).   Fr. Shaw also alledged that being buried above ground was itself reason enough. Consult your local physican to know this is not true.

Unbelievers are desperate to discredit God's miraculous intervention.

Those who were closest to Metropolitan Anthony, and Bishop Gregory know the truth. The Jews who saw Lazarus risen after four days, wished him dead again because the miracle was "inconvenient".

All this is public knowledge, a matter of public record. Tell whomsoever you wish. Those who do not want to believe will not.

Hieromonk Elia

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