by Seraphim Larin
Vernost #125 May 2009

For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against
all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who
suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom. 1:18)

Having “ingested” (Met. Laurus’s words) ROCOR with clandestine delight, the Metropolitan Patriarchate has now decided to consolidate its position in Australia by establishing an organization that “is an independent stream of news and commentary in support of the united ROCOR and the MP”. It’s quite humorous to read these self-contradictory terms, because you cannot have independence when there is a blatant and self-declared commitment in support of one objective. Given this declaration, can a rational mind imagine reading any valid criticisms from this body about ROCOR or the MP? How can a slave be independent from his master’s wishes and directives? Yet the KGB “apparatchiks” that are apparently in control of these spiritual vagrants, obviously lack the knowledge of the English language to be either believable in expression, or authentic in content. May I suggest they “bone up” on the English language before they enter its world of idioms and nuances, because their initial inept foray into the written word and definitive pronouncements must surely reveal them as obvious charlatans and counterfeit amateurs that glaringly lack promise of a distinctive curiosity about the abounding accusations of pat. “nicotine” Kirill’s and his MP’s damning activities.

However in the first instance, let us analyse the newly created body under a football-sounding name of “ROCOR UNITED” – and their opening infantile publication under the style of “About ROCOR UNITED”.

In declaring that they are “the best ENGLISH LANGUAGE source on Russian Orthodox Church news and affairs”, they have certainly allowed themselves to be ridiculed for their basic incorrectness of reporting facts. By stating that the “renegade priest and schismatic activist Vladimir Tsukanov has provocatively taken out a LEASE on a building across the road”, their seemingly impressive “correspondents in various locations around the world” are obviously a bunch of incompetents, because the building was BOUGHT and not LEASED – a simple search of Council records would have told them that. Predictably, as with every KGB modus operandi, truth and accuracy are conveniently ignored so that their own mendacious “facts” can attract support from the uninformed readers.

The next “profound” offering in this publication announces: “A sign on the door reads ‘Russian True Orthodox Church’. The word ‘True’ in glitter sticker has been hastily added between ‘Russian’ and ‘Orthodox’ to (ironically) distinguish it from the real Russian Orthodx (sic) Church”.

Ironically, the author’s declaration of the “real” ROC is as correct as his spelling of “Orthodx”, because his bold statement is as believable as the  assurances of a dentist. After decades of the former true ROCOR’s declarations that the MP is a man-made “soviet creation”, he now bravely announces that this communist instrumentality that has supported a godless government, which has annihilated millions of true faithful and demolished 50,000 churches and monasteries, has suddenly become the true Russian Orthodox Church!!! Can he explain the cleansing canonical process through which this godless apparatus went through in order to claim this title???  Yet he boldly proclaims that the man-made MP is the true Russian Orthodox Church! All this statement does is reveal another of MP’s fluent self-inventions that are perpetuated by the ROCA (MP) clergy, who have become spiritual impresarios, conducting their lies in uninterrupted mediocrity without definable ambitions - apart from maintaining their cosy and profitable lifestyles. In reality, they are living on the MP’s inventions of past glories and false holiness.

But let us continue with the article.

The sentence: “The Saint Nicholas Church is the home parish of the Dean of NSW, highly respected Archpriest Fr. Nikita Chemodakov (brother of Bishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada)”, demands some painful corrections of image and presentation of these two betraying brothers, who have by their own actions and admissions, stand condemned as liars and violators of Church Laws and Apostolic Canons.

Let us consider the following, firstly Bishop Gabriel.

Some time ago, this is what I wrote in my article about him titled “Bishop Gabriel (Chemodakov) – A chameleon in a cassock”:

During his official visit to Moscow in February 2008, Bishop Gabriel – Synodal Secretary of ROCOR (MP) - was interviewed by the editor of “Russian Line” and another local notable. In this interview, Bish. Gabriel displayed an extraordinary talent for spiritual gymnastics and moral flexibility to reflect the MP’s corrosive strategy. Displaying a remarkable lapse in memory, some of his answers to questions deserve to be appraised because of their insulting nature and questionable correctness.

Question: “Vladyka, to what extent have your fears been realized as to the significant departure of faithful from ROCOR after the signing of the Act of canonical communion with MP? It would appear that those who have left ROCOR are making a lot of noise, yet their numbers are small.”

Bhp. Gabriel: “Let us be frank: the REUNIFICATION cost us dearly… I wrote and spoke, and to this day repeat: it’s essential to remember that separating yourself from your Archbishop can only be done, if he publicly advocates some type of heresy that has been condemned by the Church… Can it be said that the Moscow Patriarch is preaching heresy?. ”

Firstly, the word “reunification” suggests that at some stage in the past, ROCOR and MP were one….WHEN?? As facts have it, ROCOR came into being in 1920, while MP was created by the Soviet government in 1927!!! Could it be that the MP was part of ROCOR and that they separated in 1927? What a patent absurdity! Consequently, the use of this word constitutes a blatant lie and is applied in order to give credence to the illegal and Soviet creation - the MP.

In the ensuing text of his answer covering acts of heresy, Bhp. Gabriel – once again – shows scant regard to existing and incontrovertible facts. This is what ROCOR’s own publication “Orthodox Russia” reported in its February 2006 issue:

“From Bollettino Di San Nicola.

The Italian journal of the Dominican Order in Bari, drew attention to the annual ecumenical prayers performed in the basilica of Saint Nicholas. In this instance, the participants in this prayer were the Roman Catholic Archbishop Francesco Cachucha of Bari, Met.Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad (locum tenens i.e. Deputy to the Patriarch) and Fr.Vladimir Koochoomov – both from the Moscow Patriarchate.”

But the telling part is:

“From Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano.

In 2003, a book written by Angelica Capifavi was published in Italy, titled “A discourse with Alexis 11, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia”. On page 251 of that book, in responding to a question concerning Catholic proselytism (seeking new converts) within Russian territory, Patriarch Alexis stated that between sister-Churches, there can be no proselytism.”

Shouldn’t such a senior hierarch like Bhp.Gabriel be aware that to regard the Roman Catholic Church as our sister Church IS HERESY ?? Would he now have the courage to acknowledge that those who refused to unite with a Soviet creation, did so with full canonical right, and that it is those that have willingly, allowed themselves to be “swallowed up”(Met.Laurus’s expression) by the MP, will in Bhp.Gabriel’s words “damage themselves spiritually and hinder their salvation, which is frightening to contemplate”.

So much for Bishop Gabriel’s integrity! Now for his brother – “highly respected” (sic) Fr.Nikita.

This false pastor was my spiritual father for 30+ YEARS!!, so I think I do have some knowledge of the person, both as an individual and priest.

When the tragic “unification” occurred on the day of infamy – 17th of May, 2007 – Fr.Nikita phoned me to come back to his church, which I left some time ago. During our conversation, I asked him who he was commemorating as head of his Church during Divine Liturgy. His response was Met.Laurus – he was exercising his right to ignore pat. Alexis (a.k.a. KGB comrade Drozdov) as the head of the MP for a period of 5 years – an act in itself that runs contrary to the Church Statutes. However, let’s press on.

In pointing out to him that this is what he was proclaiming vocally to the faithful, I asked him who he was commemorating as head of his Church during proskomedia (where this is done silently and not heard by anyone except God), he paused for approximately 8/9 seconds to guiltily admit:  “pat.”Alexis !! Having expected this answer, I pointed out to him not only was he violating the sanctity and spiritual integrity of the Church Service, but that he was LYING (a gross SIN) to his parishioners – and he AGREED, justifying his actions with: “The parishioners have to get used to the idea”!!! Yet according to Rocor United, these two self-confessed liars are “highly respected”!!

Fr.Nikita has carefully cultivated vagueness of smile, humility in approach and a bedside manner that is the envy of all serious politicians and mediocre used-car salesmen. Unfortunately, he and Bishop Gabriel have lost their power of lucid response to valid indictments of their concessions to the vulgar spirits of the age, which are so adeptly personified by the MP and its head – pat. “nicotine” Kirill Goondaev.

Reading on, we find that the RTOC church at Fairfield has created consternation among the parishioners at the Sergianist/MP/Stalin’s patriarchate church – else why are they so excited about Fr.Vladimir’s church? They don’t seem to have the same worries and jaundiced eye against the hand-clapping, guitar playing, drum bashing Charismatic “church” some 100 metres away from them. Is it because they regard it as an ecumenical “sister-Church”??, whereas the RTOC represents a threat as the living TRUTH against their monstrous betrayal of Christ’s Church??

Then comes a typical declaration that is devoid of truth yet wishful in content: “Ironically, it is this chapter of the RTOC that has lost a number of parishioners recently, who realized that the RTOC was a completely uncanonical organization that was leading them astray, and have returned to ROCOR”. For the GENUINE record, the 3 RTOC churches in Sydney have seen a steady growth in faithful numbers as more and more of MP’s heretical and outrageous activity is exposed to the light of day. Is Fr.Nikita willing to allow an independent auditor to examine the books of his church to determine the dramatic loss of parishioners – in comparison to when the church was still a true church? I am sure that he would decline such an offer, because the findings would be damning for both him and the brazen liar that had written the above fairytale. As a former auditor of his church, I personally know of 16 people that have left the schismatic and self-confessed liar Fr.Nikita and his now graceless church.

Coming to the end of the article, we find nomenclator’s comments through his defining creations - “Artyom” and “anonymous” – as less than plausible. In not revealing their true identities (if they are real), and not producing any provable facts, the author exposes himself as being some lowly KGB “apparatchik”, handicapped with limited imagination  and trying out his lack of skills with feeble determination.

But let us deal with these churlish comments that are obviously created by cowardly individuals, who are morally disabled and subconsciously infected with obsessional dishonesty.

The initial comments of “anonymous” and “artyom”, reflect demonic hatred against a true Christian church that is obviously disturbing their somnolent consciences. Why this panic? Is the Truth starting to get to them? Their pat. “nicotine” Kirill Goondaev’s recent warning – bordering on menace – to all Orthodox Churches that are not part of the soviet MP, suggests calculated future intimidating activities, if not outright violence against them, which is now taking place in Russia against the Catacomb/RTOC. This clearly reveals his true beliefs and spiritual barbarism.

Another “profound’ statement by pk (sic): “We need to look at this sometimes as a cleansing of the church…” If that’s the case, why did met.Laurus and most of his hierarchs sully the previously pure ROCOR by uniting with the unrepentant and godless contagion called the Moscow Patriarchate?? Pk should apply whatever commonsense he has toward realizing that the brave and TRUE faithful of ROCOR that refused to join the “soviet creation” (ROCOR’s former description of the MP), have remained pure and unsullied! He and his fellow travellers are the ones in need of a spiritually cleansing “shower”, because they were the ones that left the True Church. They are the sad and morally shallow individuals that are drifting in a kind of dull cataleptic trance, ignoring the fact that they will arrive at a graceless loneliness, which offers no grounds for redemption yet guarantees eternal torment. Their remarkably stubborn refusal to acknowledge that their comrade pat. Kirill declared in the early 1990’s that he doesn’t believe in Christ’s Resurrection – widely published in the Russian press – confirms that they are all about memories, myths and self-delusion, and are motivated more by misspent fervour and physical opulence than by facts. Pk’s “cleansing of the church” should be more aptly applied to his MP, because while they rule the internet and air-waves – particularly in Russia where they have been illegally closing down dissident web sites, while interfering in every manner possible with web sites of overseas opponents – there is a desperate need for them to purify their own pulpit, which specializes in deceit and outright heresy!

The MP and its followers are incapable of accepting the truth about them that keeps flaring up at irregular intervals like herpes, and to them, just as unpleasant. The church opening of the Russian True Orthodox Church in Fairfield, is a prime example of this.

Unfortunately, this new MP “independent” publication is no doubt here to stay, and will be another source of misinformation with a “Dear Dorothy Dix” type of commentary.

I look forward with tediosity and a “ho-hum” attitude to their next issue, which will no doubt be based on odious creative lies and self-righteous posturings. But then again, what can be expected from the religious section of the KGB – oops… sorry - FSB.

I forgot, there is no more godless communism in Russia. After all, She has been “liberated” with a godless dictatorial “democracy” headed by church-candle-lighting “Christian” politicians!

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

Seraphim Larin sees the demonic hatred, too. There is an inhuman quality to his hatred. Artyom might try to hide it now, pretending, but it's too late to fool me since he already showed me his true colors. It is sickening.