Forgiving and Judging

[This could apply to us in our response with the betrayal of R0C0R. -jh] 

Christians, we must forgive one who has trespassed against us, even if he does not repent his deed. This does not mean we trust him or feign that he is healed. What it means is that we will not stand with his accusers on judgment day. When the demons assemble to claim his soul, they will point to his sin against us. But the angels will say, nay, the one whom he offended has asked he be not held accountable. Christians do not assist the demons in dragging souls to hell.

We must forgive all trespasses against us. But it is not our place to forgive another's sin against God. This is for God to do. When Christ prayed on the Cross, "Father forgive them," He, as God, asked God to forgive their sins against Him. He, being God, can do this.

Neither is it our place to punish such ones who sin against God. This, too, is for God to do. It is not our place to punish such ones, but we should separate ourselves from their company. If we think that by separating ourselves from those who sin against God, that we are somehow punishing them [judging them -jh], then that is our pride. How can withholding our company be a punishment? Are we so filled with light that without our company a poor wretch can be plunged into darkness?

-source unknown

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