The Flowering Is Not Happening Now

Some in world Orthodoxy believe that Russia is now experiencing the prophesied "flowering" that is to come before the end.  But a careful look at the prophets shows this not to be so.  One thing missing, just one of many, is that the flowering is supposed to have a God-appointed Orthodox Tzar.

Hieromonk Anthony of St. Sabbas’ Monastery, based on Anonymous Greek Prophecies (8th or 9th century), tells us that during the flowering Russia "will have an Orthodox tzar, whom the Lord will reveal to the Russian people." Monk Abel the Prophet has described this tzar:

Monk Abel the Prophet (+1831).  In a conversation with Tsar Paul I (+1801), after prophesying the destinies of all the Tsars from Paul I to Nicholas II: “What is impossible for man is possible for God. God delays with His help, but it is said that he will give it soon and will raise the horn of Russian salvation.  And there will arise a great prince from your race in exile, who stands for the sons of his people.  He will be a chosen one of God, and on his head will be blessing. He will be the only one comprehensible to all, the very heart of Russia will sense him.  His appearance will be sovereign and radiant, and nobody will say: ‘The Tsar is here or there’, but all will say: ‘That’s him’.  The will of the people will submit to the mercy of God, and he himself will confirm his calling… His name has occurred three times in Russian history.  Two of the same name have already been on the throne, but not on the Tsar’s throne.  But he will sit on the Tsar’s throne as the third.  In him will be the salvation and happiness of the Russian realm.”

Other prophecies say that this Tzar will be from the Romanov blood line on the maternal side.

Related post: The mission of our Church is to preserve truth and loyalty to the historical Russian Orthodox government, overturned by force in 1917. We propose to clarify the text in the “Prayer for the Redemption of Russia” in prayer books and religious services with the words “for the restoration of the throne of the Orthodox czars.”

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