Opinion On Uniting With R-Splits

Re: the Minutes of the Nov. 5/18
Meeting of the ROCA Ecclesiastical Commission

Again continues discussion of the R-splits.

In the minutes it says the push to unite with the R-splits is coming from the faithful. I suspected that all along, and now my suspicion is confirmed. This push push push for union with the R-splits is not from heaven.

These faithful are pushing the wrong end - they need to have discussions with their own super-correct friends to help them in understanding the Royal Path. There surely are those in the R-split jurisdictions who would find the Sister Churches closer to their hearts.

For us to unite with the R-splits, any of them, would require compromise. The compromise would be entirely on our part. We either compromise our position that we are the sole valid continuation of ROCOR, or we compromise our Royal Path ecclesiology [which is deridingly known as "Cyprianism"] that we share with our Sister Churches.

Our policy up to now has been quite sufficient. We keep the door open and exercize maximim economy for those who desire to come to us. Let this policy continue, as is, without the push push push.

Also, we need to remember as Bishop Joseph said - and I, too, sense this is true - he believes that the “fragments” resulted from the planned and coordinated actions of hidden elements of ROCA’s enemies [0ct. 26\13 Minutes]. Even if it is not true, the fact that some of us sense this indicates this should be considered not be overlooked or lightly dismissed.

Truly the present persecution of ROAC has created conditions favorable to those promoting the idea to unite. I'm reminded of when that Beetle urinated from a balcony onto a Roman Catholic nun in the street below. He would have just as easily done the same to an 0rthodox nun, and in this we empathize with the Romans. But, empathy is not a cause for unity.

And our motives must not include anything of a "political" nature. Fr. Seraphim Rose concluded his 1976 article "written in blood" on The Royal Path with this paragraph:
The increasing realization in recent years of the basic oneness of the cause of True Orthodoxy throughout the world, whether in the Catacomb Church of Russia, the old calendarists of Greece, or the Russian Church Outside Russia, has led some to think in terms of a “united front” of confessing Churches to oppose the ecumenical movement which has taken possession of “official” Orthodoxy. However, under present conditions this will hardly come to pass; and in any case, this is a “political” view of the situation which sees the significance of the mission of true Orthodoxy in too external a manner. The full dimensions of the True-Orthodox protest against “ecumenical Orthodoxy,” against the neutralized, lukewarm Orthodoxy of the apostasy, have yet to be revealed, above all in Russia. But it cannot be that the witness of so many martyrs and confessors and champions of True Orthodoxy in the 20th century will have been in vain. May God preserve His zealots in the royal path of true Orthodoxy, faithful to Him and to His Holy Church until the end of the age!

Most valuable to us is our relationship with our Sister Churches. This is to be cherished as a gift from God. The ecclesiology of Metropolitan Cyprian is basically shared by all the Sister Churches, even if we might express it in different terms. A simple folk definition is that we do not have communion with world Orthodoxy, but at the same time we say that world Orthodoxy either can or does have grace. The super-correct are not going to accept this no matter how carefully we word it, removing words like "ailing" and such. This defines the Royal Path position on the issue of grace. The super-correct are not going to stop short of having us step off the Royal Path. [And would that even be enough to make them happy?]

Our Sister Churches "stood by the cross" as ROCOR was crucified 5/17/07. They watched and awaited for our "reappearance" and they recognized Metropolitan Agafangel immediately. They never recognized any of the R-splits, even after close examination with one of them. Our true friends recognized us. But none of the R-splits recognized us, only some individuals do. This is a familiar pattern.

So, let's go back to square one. Where we firmly cement our feet onto the Royal Path and we invite the R-splits to join us. We can try to explain to them the Royal Path. I saw in the previous minutes that Archbishop Averky's writings are going to be made available. This will explain the Royal Path better than anything, it was from Archbishop Averky that Fr. Seraphim learned it.

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

"...The full dimensions of the True-Orthodox protest against “ecumenical Orthodoxy,” ... have yet to be revealed, above all in Russia ..."

This shows that Fr. Seraphim fully expected the liberated Russian Church to be active in leading an opposing force against ecumenism.

[by "true"-0rthodox Fr. Seraphim is talking about the 0rthodoxy of the R0C0R of his time and not the R-splits/super-correct that today call themselves "true."]