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√ Paul Goble, Moscow Times, 24 November 2009
‘A Criminal Society is Easier to Rule Because All Feel Themselves Guilty’
TO: Exarchate Clergy and Faithful
From: Archbishop Chrysostomos

Re: The Soviet View Turned Conservatism

I know that some of you get Paul's commentaries. For those who do not, he sent me this this morning. It is an excellent commentary on the non-Potemkin Village realities of Russia, which realities, of course, impinge on the nature and role of the Church. The author of the piece, while she does not directly state the connection between the Soviet Union and the false pseudo-democracy of the present-day Russian government, nonetheless hints at this in the parallel that she establishes between the ideology of Stalin, the bloody murderer of Soviet times, and Mr. Medvedev (alias Putin) and his administration.

It is not mine to comment on politics, nor will I respond to any observations about this mailing (not only for want of time, but because this is not a matter about which I have any comments beyond those that I have made); however, the concerns for the Church (and, indeed, the direct concerns of our Synod of Bishops, since the Church of South Ossetia is directly under our jurisdiction for the time-being) are quite obvious.

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