SJKP Being Boycotted

This is posted on Fr. Mark Gilstrap's website:

Please support St John of Kronstadt Press and Fr Gregory Williams whose publications are the target of a boycott by the very people who have benefited from his efforts for decades - all because he did not go along with union with the MP.   His efforts are being stolen and reproduced electronically and by xerox (without acknowledgement) by unscrupulous clergy.  


Unprofitable Servant said...

I'm shocked, shocked to hear that there is theft and unscrupulous conduct going on within the ranks of the MP-ROCOR clergy.

On a more serious note, is there anything that can be done, realistically, to help Father Gregory and the St. John of Kronstadt Press under the circumstances?

V. Rev. Fr. Elias Warnke said...

There is much sadness as a result of the ill-fated mis-guided union, we also have another press that is suffering from this, Monastery Press, I would hope that our Clergy and faithful will support both of these.
Fr. Gregory (the Hapgood of our times) has been a blessing in his work for us clergy that are English speaking, if there are those who feel the need to steal and reproduce without permission they shall reap what they sow.
As far as the the MP being involved in thievery, what would you call Sergius? Just a question!