Fr. Seraphim Rose In World Orthodoxy?

No! Fr. Seraphim Rose was not headed towards World Orthodoxy before he died, as World Orthodoxy would like us to believe.

From the concluding chapter of Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future:

E. "Little Children, It is the last Hour"
[John 2:18]

Unknown to the fevered Orthodox "revivalists," the Lord has reserved in the world, even as in the days of Elijah the Prophet, seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal [Rom. 11:4] -- an unknown number of true Orthodox Christians who are neither spiritually dead, as the Orthodox "charismatics" complain that their flocks have been, nor the pompously "spirit-filled," as these same flocks become under "charismatic" suggestion. They are not carried away by the movement of apostasy nor by any false "awakening," but continue rooted in the holy and saving Faith of Holy Orthodoxy in the tradition the Holy Fathers have handed down to them, watching the signs of the times and traveling the narrow path to salvation. Many of them follow the bishops of the few Orthodox jurisdicitions that have strong stands against the apostasy of our times: the Catacomb Church of Russia, the Russian Church Outside of Russia, the True Orthodox Christians [Old Calendarists] of Greece. But there are some left in other jurisdictions also, grieving over the ever more evident apostasy of their hierarchs and striving somehow to keep their own Orthodoxy intact; and there are still others outside of the Orthodox Church who by God's grace, their hearts being open to His call, will undoubtedly yet be joined to genuine Holy Orthodoxy. These "seven thousand "are the foundation of the future and only Orthodoxy of the latter times.

-Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future
1983 edition, page 220


√ The above paragraph is the first paragraph in the last section [E. "Little Children, It is the last Hour"] of the concluding chapter.  This paragraph is entirely omitted in the online version [].

√ The the Catacomb Church and the True Orthodox Christians [Old Calendarists] of Greece that Fr. Seraphim refers to, are not the super-correct fragments we see today with their claims to be the Catacomb Church and to be "true."

√ Our Vladyka Agafangel is now referring to the World Orthodox as "apostates" - calling it like it is, just as Fr. Seraphim did.  Is there even a hint of the hard-heartedness we are accused of [for telling it like it is] in Fr. Seraphim, who obviously has deep sympathy for the plight of those stuck in World Orthodoxy being shepherded by apostate hierarchs?

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

Who are "the True 0rthodox Christians [0ld Calendarists] of Greece"?

I believe this is the SIR. Here's why:

The super-correct group of Fr. Seraphims day was out of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston. These are the Greeks that left us that St. Philaret refers to in the quote at the top of this blog. Fr. Seraphim had a serious problem with them, as is described in Not 0f This World. Concerning them, on page 707 it says:

"Super-correctness," as respected members of the old calendar Church in Greece informed the fathers, was a "disease" second only in its spiritual harm to the apostasy of ecumenism.

Now, we know the Boston Greeks would not be calling themselves diseased with super-correctness disease. So, the Church has to be the SIR. Back then that is how they referred to the SIR as the 0ld Calendar Greeks.