There is circulating among us a piece of propaganda from the MP-ROCOR Studies website.  It is a recent interview with a nun, Sr. Vassa Larin, cleverly designed to silence the "alarm bells" that warn Orthdox when something is amiss, and to steer them deeper into World Orthodoxy.  The interview ranks up there with Peter Perekrestov's 25 Questions paper. It is designed to appear as a spontaneous interview with a wise nun.  But a closer look suggests it is carefully concocted.  The interviewee was carefully chosen and carefully introduced as an expert.  The carefully selected and carefully worded questions&answers, like the 25 Questions paper, use psychological ploys and the paper ends up making a clean sweep. 

For all the concentrate of many words, the paper boils down to four questions, with the first two really being of the same issue.

1. First we are criticized for comparing Orthodoxy with Roman Catholicism.  The MP desired result here is that Roman Catholic heresies will not be pointed out anymore.  But we know the truth is that even our very Creed defines us by saying what we are not - by responding to heresies and correcting them. 

2. Next we are directed to focus on the early councils and the pre-schism fundamentals we share with the Romans.

3. Then our resistence to the idea of having "Women's Conferences" is silenced, weakened. We instinctively know that the idea of studying women's issues and "empowering women" is an idea that originated in the world and infiltrates the Church through World Orthodoxy.  We don't need committees for women's issues any more than we need committees for men's issues.

4. Last we are urged not to resist secular education and other things in and of the world. That it is we ourselves - and not the world - who are responsible for our personal imperfections.  We are reminded that we are impatient and gossipy and to focus on that instead of "condemning" the world.  That dread word used interchangeably with "judging" that is most effective at causing one to willfully look the other way while evil parades under their nose.

The MP-ROCOR Studies website might have some good materials, [I wouldn't know], but it's purpose is to justify the union. The only reason I mention it here is because this propaganda interview has been passed around among us in ROCOR-Agafangel where it has no place.

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For the record, the stomach-turning interview is here.


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