Time for a wake-up and awareness

From: Tony Skevas
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 8:33 PM
Subject: Time for a wake-up and awareness
October 27, 2009

> For anyone who doubts that we are living in apocalyptic times, it is
> suggested that he or she checks the following articles and video clips.
> It is only a small sample of the prevailing reality that is quietly taking
> place. Like a duck that is moving gracefully in a pond while its feet are
> puddling furiously, the modern church is projecting an image of piety and
> adherence to patristic teachings while working methodically behind the
> scenes and orchestrating its plans for a union with heretics.
> The Moscow Patriarchate has been corrupted to the core by its Atheist
> creators and together with the rest of the churches of world Orthodoxy
> they have slowly been drowned by the heresy of Ecumenism. Invented and
> aided by the masons, Ecumenism has been forcibly introduced into the
> Orthodox Church and since then it has caught on like a wildfire which has
> burned everything in its way. Since its inception, the dialoque with
> heretics has not resulted in any of them renouncing any of their ill
> conceived positions. To the contrary, this dialoque has infected and
> corrupted the official "Orthodox Church" which has steadily retreated and
> capitulated. Saint Paul clearly said that after the first and second
> attempt to bring a heretic to the Truth, then abandon him, but apparently
> Saint Paul is no longer credible to the eyes of World Orthodoxy just like
> the so many other saints whose statements, positions and struggles against
> heresies are being ignored and discarded in the frenzy to join the easy
> earthly path of the heretics.
> This catastrophy has not spared even the up-to-recently conservative
> Cyprus. The new calendar church of Cyprus has been steadily drifting in
> the wrong direction into the hands of Ecumenism. The present so called
> "Hierarchs", or more appropriately Trojan Horses, of the new calendar
> church are now more like pawns of the pope than pillars of Orthodoxy.
> They say one thing and do another. First, as soon as he got enthroned,
> Chrysostomos rushed to the pope to pledge his allegiance. Then he
> injected himself between the pope and the Moscow "patriarch" by
> volunteering to mediate to bring the pope together with Alexei. Now he is
> sponsoring ecumenistic events. How about doing something that the
> Orthodox are supposed to be doing such as taking some of the millions of
> the Archdiocese (the archdiocese is quite a sizable diversified
> corporation in Cyprus) and helping some of the less fortunate or declare a
> campaign against the moral cesspool of present day Cyprus or stand up for
> the principles of the Orthodox Faith or rally the people to pray for God's
> mercy .... or....or. With Orthodox Hierarchs like these who needs the
> uniates and the heretics? So when I hear that Cypriots took their anger
> to the streets for their sell out from their Hierarchy, I could not think
> of a more appropriate parallel than when Metaxakis hijacked the will of the
> Orthodox and unilaterally issued the Encyclical of 1920 by calling
> heretics "fellow heirs of the Grace of God". When Metaxakis introduced
> his innovations, the Greeks of Constantinople were outraged and because
> they showed it physically, they forced that traitor to pack up from
> Constantinople at night in order to save his skin.
> It is time for the wheat to separate from the chaff. It is time for all
> those who give credibility to the modern renovationist church by
> supporting it with their attendance and their money to realize that they
> have to make a decision: Either they remain in it and they become
> subjects to the pope or they raise their cross and stand up for what they
> believe. Protest from within is in vain; the only meaningful protest
> would be to abandon the heretical bishops and join the True Orthodox
> Church. One thing is for sure: They cannot continue claiming to be
> Orthodox Christians. At best, now they can call themselves Uniates
> because that is exactly what Uniates do: They pretend to be Orthodox by
> projecting such a facade but in substance they follow the heretical pope
> which means they are outside the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
> As a consequence, the sacraments they receive are devoid of salvific
> Grace. Who gave the right to the Constantinopolitan patriarch, who is only
> first among equals, to unilaterally alter the Church calendar or
> unilaterally lift the anathema against the pope, acting as if he is a
> monarch? Such behavior is classic Latin in origin emulating the pope's
> doctrine that only he is supreme and all other bishops are subordinate to
> him. In the Orthodox Church the supreme leader is Christ and no one
> Bishop is above any other. In the Orthodox Church it is synods that
> decide such issues, not one self appointed autocrat. What has changed
> from 1054 when the Latins were excommunicated because of all their
> innovations and alterations to the Orthodox Faith till now to make them
> worthy to the point where the so called Patriarch of Constantinople
> accepts the heretical pope as first Hierarch and subjects himself (and by
> extension the world Orthodoxy) to a man who is outside the Church? This
> is what has changed:
> 1) The deviations, innovations and alteration to the True Fath by the
> Catholics and all the myriad of other heretics has accelerated and
> multiplied since then.
> 2) The tenacity, steadfastness and adherence to unadulterated Orthodoxy of
> the bishops of World Orthodoxy has vanished and they now stand as empty
> shells, devoid of substance and the Grace of the Holy Spirit, parroting
> sermons of love and care for the fellow human being to justify their
> apostasy from the fundamentals of the Orthodox Church. As modern day
> Pharisees, they love to polish their images but have no interest for what
> they claim they stand for and as Christ himself said, they are like graves
> beautiful outside but stinking inside.
> As a result, we have the disaster that is shaping in front of us these
> days.
> May the Lord strengthen all those who are lukewarm in their hearts but
> conscientious of the apostasy that is taking place, to find the strength
> to abandon their heretical bishops and priests and join the True Orthodox
> Church which never deviated from the Truth despite the relentless
> persecutions and the plethora of tribulations due to the human failures of
> its Hierarchs.
> May the Lord strengthen all the pious Orthodox Christians during these
> times of persecution of the True Faith and to grant courage to defend our
> Faith till the end of our lives and not to succumb to the papists and
> their heretical deceptions.
> May the Lord enlighten the Bishops who are now embracing the World Council
> of Churches to recognize their faults, turn them away from ecumenism and
> cast them out of the synagogue of heretics.
> May an army of Saints and Angels come to the aid of the Hierarchs and
> priests of the True Orthodox Church who fight the good fight, who refuse
> to obey the masters of the new world order and who refuse to sell Christ
> for self accommodation.
>How and when the Antichrist will come, no one can say. And it is unknown
> how many shall be able to recognize him when he comes, because he will
> come as a benefactor of humanity. For the present, one thing can be said
> with certainty: all these movements towards union among nations and
> churches, all these compromises, all this uniformity of humanity gradually
> produced under the steamroller of technological culture are paving the way
> for the coming of the Antichrist. This development of humanity, according
> to the criteria of the world, is wonderful. But according to Christian
> criteria, it is a development towards destruction. Death will find the
> world at the height of its glory, at the height of self-conceit, at the
> summit of the tower of Babel , when man will be at the zenith of his very
> old attempt to become god by his own powers, apart from God. When the Son
> of man comes, he shall find man in the full glory of his satanic mania.
> Tony Skevas


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Things might calm down a little after Satan's big pumpkin day. 0n the surface, anyway.