A Pull At The Heartstrings

[0ne of the things that caused many Americans in R0C0R to accept the union against their better judgment was seeing and/or hearing about the faithfulness of simple Russian believers. I want to put more about this in R0C0R Refugees blog, so I'm asking readers to please send in things addressing this.-jh]

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From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Date: 1 October 2009 00:14:21 BST
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Did you see on the ROCOR synod website the 10s of thousands of people in Kursk who greeted the Kursk-Root Icon during the visit of Metropolitan Hilarion to Russia? ...What does that say about negative statements about the ROCOR reuniting with Moscow? ...I would like an honest reaction.


I have been very impressed and moved by the piety of the Russian Orthodox faithful during the visit of Metropolitan Hilarion with the Kursk-Root Icon to Russia. A friend has been sending me links to reports on this event. It is a beautiful and inspiring tribute to the Orthodox Faith that should touch all of us and encourage us at a time when Christian zeal is waning.

This display of exemplary piety, however, has nothing to do with the issue of the administration of the Moscow Patriarchate and those who disapprove of the ROCOR's union with Moscow in what some (myself included) consider a move that was premature and perhaps injudicious. (I should add, incidentally, that I know of some who acted in good conscience in accepting this union, and I personally respect them and their decisions, even if I disagree with their thinking.)

However, as some Russian friends have rather candidly told me, the matter of the union is really none of my business, except in the sense that I still believe that Orthodoxy is catholic (universal), and not just Russian and Greek, and that the good estate of the whole Orthodox world is the concern of each individual Orthodox believer. Of course, my opinions are also of no consequence to anyone, either.

In any case, if Orthodoxy is catholic, my views and those of others who regret and disagree with the ROCA's move are, again, not an impediment to our appreciating this magnificent show of piety by the Russian faithful. After all, it is something that belongs to all Orthodox believers.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

The Russian friends who tell Archbishop Chrysostomos that the union issue is none of his business are not thinking clearly. Archbishop Chrysostomos took Holy Trinity parish in 0xnard under his wing because of the union and now he is being sued by unionites. It is very much his business. And we, who receive the benefit of his concern, are deeply grateful for his intervention.

What if when 0xnard came to Archbishop Chrysostomos for help, what if he had said it was none of his business? That very thought gives me the chills.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

March 2008 archives in this blog there is an article by I.M. Andreyev, The Catacomb Church In the Soviet Union [from Orthodox Life, 1951]

" ... The majority of those who go to the Soviet churches are convinced that abroad is "The True Russian Orthodox Church which does not acknowledge the Soviet Patriarch..."

These faithful were betrayed when R0C0R joined MP. They thought we were safeguarding "The Pearl".