Our Future

October 16, 2009
Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel writes:

Our future

Was in Greece, the patronal feast of the monastery in honor of Sts. Cyprian and Justina. This time I was very pleased with the trip, as have a little talk in an informal setting with Bishop Cyprian and Photius. Among us is really the same views on church issues and, in general, we - the ROCOR, Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian old calendarists, thank God for Today is there a calm and stable union. We can say that together we survived the difficult period of division in our Church Abroad, and if God willing, on the basis of this stability and unity, followed by the same stable development. Glory to our God!


Joanna Higginbotham said...

In his congratulatory letter to Bishop Cyprian, Archbishop Andronik also expresses gratitude for our true unity in spirit and in truth with our Sister Churches.


Joanna Higginbotham said...


The Sister Churches rejoice in both their outward and inward unity.

World 0rthodoxy boasts only of an outward unity. They overlook their differences with each other. This is the main characteristic of ecumenism.

The super-correct Churches have no outward unity, but they do have an inward unity. They recognize each other as "peer" jurisdictions [visit The Euphrosynos Cafe]. This recognition has no "officialness" about it, but it is a stark reality nonetheless. Why do they not have outward unity, as well?

A clue might be that it has something to do with the fact that their very existence is based on separateness. For a KGB agent on an assignment, it would be the goal to create and maintain a schism. For the people, though, it has to be something more complicated psychologically.

[see: Fr. Lev's Letter posted 10/2/09]