The Church in the Home

The Holy Apostle Paul constantly refers to the "Church which is in the House "of various persons. No apostle, ever held services in a church in his entire life. All services were held in homes, every one of countless thousands. Not one single church ever existed in Apostolic Times.

Well, what did they do on Sundays? We know exactly what they did, word for word and when and how. St. Justin Martyr, a first century Palestinian from Nablus, who was almost certainly the best educated Christian in his time, wrote two letters to two Emperors, explaining exactly what Christians believed and what they did, and when, and why (they were accused of Cannibalism). Everyone should have a copy of the History of the Church by Eusebius (Written in 325 when he was in his late 80’s and was Bishop of the Capital of Palestine) and read these and other early Christian Documents, such as the Martyrdom of Polycarp.

Christians never went to church on Sundays then, and at this time, Christians are distant from an Orthodox Church, especially a really Orthodox Christian Church (since most have mixed heresy with truth, belief with unbelief, that the Apostle Paul himself tells us have nothing to do with heretics.

For a really Orthodox Christian, this is not important. No one is ever saved by going to Church on Sunday, and better never to go than to go to a heretical anti-church. We are saved if every day and night, we say our morning and evening prayers, if possible together. We reverence the Holy Icons, before which lamps are constantly burning, and in the evening at least, we burn incense before we retire, and pray the usual prayers SLOWLY and best in the dark, and as the psalms are read, (by candlelight) for the sins we have committed that day, and before retiring, ask forgiveness of each other. The Tropar of the saints of the day, family and season must be sung, Then taking our prayer rope we retire praying. Either short vespers or Compline can be used, and in a few months will be known by heart. God help the parent who has not taught the children these!!! Except for Sunday and Pascha, prostrations are made, otherwise bows.

This is daily Christian Life in a Christian Home No Less! Of course, Orthodox will gather as best they can to celebrate Sundays and Holy Days, and find a way to confess and commune as directed by their priest, and to have the priest visit and bless their home frequently, at least at Theophany. Do not suppose that it is any better in Greece or Russia or Romania or the Holy Land.

The majority have compromised with the Antichrist, and will ask you to join their compromise too. Both Scripture and the Canons forbid it.

And what need we? We all have all the books, icons, lamps, incense that we need. We can all see a priest often. What determines our Salvation is those morning and evening prayers (even on vacation). Those who pray with true repentance will be saved. Those who do not pray and repent are lost...

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