There Is No Devil

Saying that Sergianism is over is just like saying that Communism is over - and just like saying that there is no devil. It is a state of mind that counselors refer to as "denial."

0n page 380 in N0TW, in the chapter, ZEAL0TS 0F 0RTH0D0XY, Fr. Seraphim says:
... [something vast and complicated] is happening today: that those who feel 0rthodoxy ... are battling together against an enemy, a heresy, that has not yet been fully defined or manifested. Separate aspects or manifestations of it [chiliasm, social Gospel, renovationism, ecumenism] may be identified and fought, but the battle is largely instinctive as yet, and those who do not feel 0rthodoxy in their heart and bones ... can't understand.
To the list of those aspects we can add "C0NTEMP0RARY SERGIANISM".

It is interesting to note that the MP-R0C0R hierarchs who want us to believe sergianism is over, point out that "sergianism" does not have a formal definition [...has not yet been fully defined...]. And, typical of a demonic twisting of logic, they use that fact as a reason for why the issue should be ignored. In this battle, how much easier it is for the enemy if we do not see him and just let him do his dirty work unheeded. How much easier it is for the enemy if he does not even have to try to hide, since we ignore him of our own will.

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