Russia Fades Away

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20/09/09 - George Illiodorovich Schidlovsky reposed in the Lord this morning in New York. Eternal memory!

From Met. Agafangel’s Forum:

Russia fades away…

George Illiodorovich Schidlovsky reposed in the Lord on September 20, 2009, in New York. Holy Russia lost yet another of its inhabitants. Because of such unique people as George Illiodorovich, I was able to understand that a person who is Russian and Orthodox and a nation that is Russian and Orthodox actually exist. It is amazing, but only in the USA did I meet real Russian people. Here, in the USSR, they simply could not exist, as people who are Russian in spirit and in essence, were foreign to the Soviet regime. One after another, the real citizens of Holy Russia depart, and due to our sins, a worthy replacement does not take their place.

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