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Russian-Soviet war [Newsweek]

Red and white face foreheads: Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has questioned the official view of Russia's history

Last week, in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was a line - almost as long as the funeral of Patriarch Alexy II and Boris Yeltsin. Almost all were in the hands of the same blue book with akathist (praise) of the Kursk icon of the Mother of God - one of the most respected icons in Orthodoxy. According to legend, in the XIV century it slashed in half the Tatars, and then, when both parts were found, they have made to each other - and they have been accustomed. After the revolution, the white icon was taken abroad, and it became the main sanctuary Russian diaspora. Now - the first time in 89 years - an icon for a few days brought to Russia. Read More ...

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