Example of Renovationism

The January-February 1973 issue of Jordanville's bimonthly publication, Orthodox Life, has an article titled, "ON ANTICHRIST" by St. John Damascus. I'm not going to copy the whole article here.  What is of interest here to us is the preface to the article.  The preface exposes a renovationists' tactic. So here is that preface:


We do not want anyone to misunderstand the purpose of this series from the Fathers on Antichrist. There will be several series from the works of the Fathers because every Orthodox Christian must have a consciousness of the Fathers of the Church. That the first such series should be on the subject of Antichrist is no effort on our part to predict that the day of Antichrist is now a measurable distance in the future. It may very well be, for the times most certainly lead to such a conclusion. But it is not for us to say.

This series is first of all, a response to the tampering with our Divine Service books which is proposed or even being carried out in some apostate "Orthodox" churches. Under the guise of "brotherly love" certain of the nominally Orthodox bodies have undertaken to "remove all unfavorable references to the Jews from the Orthodox services books". If one is not overwhelmed at the pride of people who could propose to improve upon what the Holy Spirit has given through our God-bearing Fathers, then one must notice one thing:

Precisely what these faithless ones wish to remove from our Service Books is all reference to and warning about the Antichrist. Does one suspect that this action is without significance? It is for this reason that we have chosen to bring this subject to the fore in this first series from the works of the Holy Fathers and from the Divine Service Books, so that Orthodox Christians will have the possibility to compare exactly what is being taken from them rather than to listen to some well-sounding emotional platitudes about fraternalism with non-Christians.

source: Orthodox Life Vol. 23 No.1, page 19

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

So, does this suggest there is something more than just laziness behind the shortening of services?


" ... 0ne cannot help considering it noteworthy that in the short period that the Holy Apostle Paul spent in Thessalonica, he not only did not pass over the teaching on Antichrist in silence, as something of secondary nature and not very important, but rather considered it necessary to expound this teaching in complete detail. And in his second epistle [to the Thessalonians] he repeats what he had earlier taught [them] about Antichrist with his own mouth.

"But why is it so important to know this teaching?

"Because, as the Holy Fathers warn us [even the elect] beforehand, he who ignores this teaching, considering it unimportant and not essential in Christianity, will not recognize Antichrist and will worship him."

-Vol. II page 47

Well, let me add this: Any priest, teacher, or 0rthodox leader who neglects this teaching, or helps to cover it up or discourages the sheep from having any interest in it, --that person is aiding and abetting the Antichrist.