A Unreal Bishop

From: "Peter N. Budzilovich"
To: [friends]
December 9, 2008
Dear Friends:

On Nov. 26, 2008, as soon as my wife and I learned the results of the ROCOR(V) Bishop’s Council, we immediately notified Bishop Vladimir that he cannot continue living in our home. Overall, he lived in our home (rent free, about a $1000-per-month value) since 2003.

Some reasons for our decision were cited in a report about the demolition of the Nyack church by him [http://www.russia-talk.com/otkliki/ot-597.htm]. All that was built (not by him!) during the past five years, on Nov. 30, 2008 was taken down, piled up in cars and trucks, and carted away…

The ecclesiological reasons for our decision are provided in statements by Fr. Nikolai Furtatenko, [http://www.russia-talk.com/otkliki/ot-596.htm], as well as by Fr. Aleksie Legostaev and Fr. Sergi Zhumabaev [http://www.russia-talk.com/otkliki/ot-599.htm].

Over the past five years our vibrant Orthodox parish, founded by Fr. Paisi Malykhin in 2001, was essentially destroyed with over 45 members leaving (i.e. ¾ of the membership). Whereas, we were originally in a position to expand and eventually build a self-standing church, it’s all gone now. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Mathews, 7:16-20.

Some of Bishop Vladimir’s personal behavior could be attributed to his youth (he was born Jan. 28, 1966), as well as to his upbringing in a Communist society. We further attempted to justify his strange acts by telling ourselves – “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Mathews, 7:1-5. And we consoled ourselves with a talk about “temptations,” “obedience,” etc. However, during the course of time, he also revealed his antimonarchy (“tsareborchestvo”) beliefs, and his essentially anti traditional Orthodox views. Finally, his violations of church rules at the last Council, and the Councils’ failure to follow Church tradition and canons forced us to break away.

As far as the overall ROCOR(V) is concerned, during his “guidance” of the church, a number of clergy in various dioceses and parishes has left the fold. To wit: Bishops Viktor Pivovarov, Anthony Rudei; protopriests Alexander Amilakhvari, Benjamin Joukoff, Nikolai Semenoff, Spyridon Schneider, Andrew Kencis, Anatoli Trepachko, Ioann Savchenko; priests Christopher Johnson, George Tsap, Aleksei Staritsyn, Andrei Rybin, Sergi Shuklin, Vyacheslav Lebedev; deacon John Somers; monk Onuphri, monk Boris. This partial tragic list of 18 clerics(!) can be continued…

Sadly, as the numbers of our jurisdiction have dwindled in both laymen and clergy, the Bishop did not put forth even one positive initiative to stop the exodus, clinging rather to the safety of his room, in our house. When in Summer of 2006 a band of thugs came to Mansonville and practically imprisoned Metropolitan Vitaly, [http://www.russia-talk.com/otkliki/ot-490.htm], he cowardly “weathered the storm” in that room. The thought of traveling to Mansonville to aid M. Vitaly, apparently, had not even entered his mind. A group of Montreal and Nyack parishioners defended the Metropolitan and the monastery on their own, while b. Vladimir kept hiding in our house.

God’s blessings,
P. and C. Budzilovich

N.B. Our sincere apology to those who have not mastered Russian yet – all the links above point to Russian texts. But you may use any of the numerous free online translation services, such as this: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/

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