Reader Services Library

... to do at least minimal readers' services in a committed, orderly fashion Fr. Gregory recommends:

-- at minimum, Saturday evening/ Sunday morning and feast-day eves and/or mornings, vespers (even if skeletal), matins, hours & typica.

 Skeletal services require only
• Horologion,
• LC (liturgical calendar)
• ODS (Order of Divine Services)
• Psalter
• New Testament,
well within the means of even the poorest (certainly less than the cost of a cable subscription for a couple of months!).

 Build from there -- add the
• Octoechos & you've got a lot.

 Add the
• Triodion & • Pentecostarion & you've got a lot more.

 • Then Menaion services. If the bound editions are out of the question (decidedly pricey @ $75-$150/month!), acquire the loose-leaf services for occurring Sundays & important feasts each month, certainly under $30/month. Do it for 7-8 years & you've got a pretty complete Menaion (costs more in the end, though).

 Get all that in hand (or rather on the bookshelf) and you can really do readers' services. Strongly recommended, esp. for those who cannot get to complete church services (in a language understood of the people!) with some frequency.

liturgical book available through St. John of Kronstadt Press,


Joanna Higginbotham said...

What is a 0DS?

Unprofitable Servant said...

Order of Divine Services--though I'm not sure which one we reader's should use.

I noticed that the St. John of Konstadt Press is publishing a Pentecostarion this year. I have been trying to find one for a few years. The Pentecostarion we used in my former ROCOR parish-- from Transfiguration Monastery-- has been out of print for years and is virtually unobtainable anywhere, including eBay.

Hence, the publication of this SJKP Pentecostarion is good news for us, but not cheap at $120 pre- publication.