More “Truth” Committees

The ROCOR(MP) site recently had a short mention that committees representing ROCOR(MP) and the OCA would meet to “resolve their differences.” Please, spare us these committees! Last time, we had committees to “resolve their differences,” we had a large part of the Church Abroad abandon the Church’s principles and capitulate to the Moscow Patriarchate(MP). What will these new meetings bring? More capitulation? More abandoning of principles for the sake of emotions, feeling good, and false unity?

What will the OCA agree to? That they were wrong in recognizing the MP in the 70’s, when, at that time, it was especially clear that the MP was a tool of the Soviet government? Will they admit that they are watering down Orthodoxy for the sake of the “unique cultural circumstances” in North America, a phrase they repeat endlessly to defend their actions? Will they admit their acceptance of Western philosophies and deviation from Eastern Orthodoxy to, once again, in their view, to accommodate the diverse spectrum of Slavic communities in North America? Hardly.

What is more likely is that once again ROCOR(MP) will water down its position and beliefs and give in. Then there will be more of the usual grand church services, chock full of bishops, priests, deacons, worshippers. Gifts, icons, and bombastic words will be exchanged and everyone will go home feeling good about themselves. Peace and unity will reign and more people will be herded into World Orthodoxy, putting them on a slippery slope of further diluting their faith.

While all of this goes on, the ROCOR(MP) faithful continue their blissful sleep, as their clergy keeps information from them. Do the faithful think the disagreements between the Church Abroad and the OCA are just another leftover from the Cold War period? Were Met. Philaret and all the bishops at the time wrong? Misguided, unenlightened, reactionary? Or is it the case that, once again, times have changed, everything is different now, as they love to repeat? Sadly, all that is changed is the faith continues to be eroded.

Many ROCOR(MP) faithful also avoid responsibility by saying, “it’s all just politics and has nothing to do with the faith.” They couldn’t be more wrong. These are matters of doctrine and beliefs. Orthodoxy has had to defend itself from such veiled threats throughout the centuries. Reducing Christianity to just “the Jesus story” and expecting all churches to unite is a diabolical plot and must be fought against to your dying breath. That is the sacrifice made throughout the history of Orthodoxy and what is expected of all of us.

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

If I were a gambler I'd be taking bets that these "talks" are part of that 5 year plan.